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Pen Your Pride

1: Frequent Face

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"Oi, practice is over." Iwaizumi glances over at Oikawa who still hasn't made a move to clean up with the rest of the team. Iwaizumi takes a deep breath, letting Oikawa know he's going to repeat himself until Oikawa cuts him off.

"Don't wait up for me today."

Iwaizumi's face scrunches up in irritation at his friend's insistence to stay and practice longer. "You better not slack off for morning practice tomorrow..." he trails off, "and you better leave by five okay?" Looking at Oikawa's nod in agreement, he finally picks up his bag and makes his way out of the gym.

Once the doors to the gym finally shut, Oikawa takes a deep breath before more brooding thoughts seep into his mind. Reaching out to grab a drink from his water bottle, he lets out a sigh at the realization that it was empty.

Loosening his grip around the bottle for a moment, Oikawa lets his arm drop back to his side before walking over to the gym doors. Going out of the gym, he makes his way into the school to refill his water bottle. Oikawa trudges to his destination, his water bottle clenched in his hand as he tried to fight the present worries that were once again weighing him down. His thoughts come to a stop once he reaches the water fountain and focuses on filling up the water bottle.

After capping the water bottle, he turns around, planning to head back to the gym--only for his eye to catch a lone figure through the wide crack of the door leading to the art club room. He saw you many times, noticing that both of you guys stayed longer after club activities. Curiously, he makes slow and quiet steps towards the doors of the art club room, taking a glimpse though the open crack leading into the room.

Your hair was messily tied back, eyes narrowed and concentrated on the canvas in front of you. Oikawa watched your side profile and couldn't help but feel intrigued seeing you so focused.

Quietly backing away from the door, he made his way back to the gym to get some more practice in.


Your brows furrowed and your nose crinkled at the canvas in front of you. It didn't take long for you to notice that there was something off about the painting. The part that frustrated you the most was trying to figure out what it lacked.

Leaning back in your seat, your chest heaves up for a moment to take a deep breath before you let out a loud exhale, scratching away an itch at the tip of your nose as you closed your eyes to rest for a second. Unfortunately, this was one of many paintings that seemed to be lacking substance recently. Practicing different techniques and experimenting with different colors, you thought that if you put in extra time on those aspects after club activities, your slump would be solved. However, that didn't seem to be the case. Your open your eyes and turn to glance at the clock.

Deciding to leave earlier today, you clear and clean your materials before packing up to leave the art clubroom. You have had this routine going on since you've joined the art club a year ago where an hour after all the clubs leave, you would stay behind and continue working. Recently, you would see Oikawa leave the school around the same time as you. Although you have never properly met Oikawa, you decided that it would be safer to be around him while you go home considering that it had started to get darker out earlier. What you didn't account for was that every time you entered the train cart, he would sit on the other end of the three seater seat you've assigned yourself to without fail.

Since you decided to leave earlier, you pass by the gym and out of your own curiosity, peer inside through the window. Your eyes catch Oikawa's strong gaze as his arm sends a powerful snap to the volleyball which speeds over the net. Although you didn't know much about volleyball, seeing a spectacle like that made you stare in awe.

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