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Lust was consuming me by the second. My nipples were burning through my thin dress. I decided that I had to fuck my son's giant cock. I had to please that huge cock in a way no woman ever has, and I am quite sure there have been many. I began to think about the black rap star and how many young girls were vying for his attention just to fuck his big cock. It must be the same for my son: the star quarterback with a huge cock. Even if just to fuck a cock so huge for the novelty, what women would not want to at least try my sons huge cock once?

When Kyle came out of the shower he had on a baggy pair of trunks. He passed my room and stopped in his tracks to look in on me. I smiled and said, "Do I look hot enough for you baby?"

I could instantly see his enormous cock swelling menacingly in his trunks. He responded with, "Fuck mom you are a drop dead fucking knockout!"

I then asked him to help me with my zipper. As I began to feel my son's hand on the zipper I turned my head to the side and then uttered in a very seductive tone, "If you would like to see the body you have been jerking that giant fucking cock off to all these years, you could unzip it baby."

I then reached back, feeling his enormous cock against my burning ass, then put it behind his head and pulled him towards me. I let my tongue reach out so that we could kiss. Kyle's tongue instantly met mine. They flicked wildly across each others for minutes as we both moaned like animals in heat. I began moaning louder as this incestuous kissing was driving me wild.

My son then said, "Yeah mom, let that hot pussy cum for me baby."

Oh fuck, that did it. I began to shake, moaning, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck I'm cummmmmmmmmmming baby."

After I came my son said confidently, "That's how hot I'm gonna make you this weekend mom. For years I've been dying to fuck you mom. You've got a killer body that's designed for fucking and my big cock could tell you're hot to fuck too."

This was a side of Kyle that I have not seen before. It was obvious that he had lots of experience and was used to getting his way. I am quite sure having gorgeous looks and a 14 inch cock gave him confidence over all guys his age or older. I knew then that this was not going to be awkward but rather more like two highly sexed people fucking at the top of their game.

Kyle then pulled the zipper down all the way and I let my new dress hit the floor. When I stepped away from it I heard him moan approvingly saying, "Fuck yeah mom, fuck yeah!"

I then turned to see his expression as he stared at my body hungrily. It reminded me of the type of animal lust the black rap star had. This was not my son, but more like a self-assured stud who appreciated an older woman with a sexy body.

I said teasingly, "So I overheard you say you used to stroke that huge cock thinking about me baby."

My son's eyes burned with lust as his hand began rubbing along the endless length of his massive cock. My eyes instantly watched him touching the freakish bulge in his shorts. He asked almost smugly, "Yeah what else did you hear mom?"

I walked to him and kissed his lips softly with my tongue and said teasingly, "I heard you say that your huge cock measures 14 inches baby and my mouth has been watering ever since , just thinking about licking and sucking it off."

As I said that I squatted down on my high heels and began to pull off my son's now uncomfortable trunks. When I pulled them over his knees his cock was still inside his shorts waiting to be freed! Finally his trunks were at his ankles and my son's massive cock was released.

Thinking about the black rap star I said in an amazed voice, "Oh my god baby you are so fucking huge. I've had a real big cock once before but yours is even bigger!"

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