Chapter 22

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~Previously on Belong To You~

" STOP DON'T TOUCH HER." I heard Perrie yell. I was frozen in my seat all I saw was the person in front of me who caused me so much pain and misery.

"Well look who we have here?" I could sense his smirk.

"I told you we always come back." 


Niall's POV

~8 hours earlier~

"You sure this is where she lives?" I asked Louis.

"Yeah, Scarlet told me this is where she made the delivery." 

"Good. We make our move tonight." I started the car and drove back to the house. Once we arrive at the house I made my way upstairs. I opened the door and found Zayn feeding the baby her bottle. 

"When I signed up for your plan I didn't sign up for baby duty." 

"Hey you're the legal guardian." He glared at me but continued feeding her. 

"You're her father." 

"Ha, not until I get the test results back." Zayn rolled his eyes at my comment. 

"Mate, you really think that Rachel would sleep with someone else after the sh** you put her threw?" 

"You never know. This isn't the first person to say I fathered a child." I turned to walk out the door.

"She has your eyes you know." He told me. I didn't answer him but instead walked out of the door. 

~3:00 AM~

"Are you almost done?" I asked Liam as he was picking the lock. 

"Almost there, done." He said as I heard the click of the lock. I opened the door and walked inside the flat. I saw a light in the kitchen. I told the others to wait and I quietly walked into the kitchen. I saw Perrie by the sink drinking a glass of water. She hadn't noticed me yet. 

"Long time no see huh Perrie." I heard a crash and I rolled my eyes I quickly grabbed Perrie and dragged her into the sitting room. She screamed as I dragged her. I shoved her onto her knees.

"Now I'm going make this short and simple where is she?" I asked her.

"Not here." I looked at her then squatted down to her level.

"Are you telling me you live here alone. With no one but yourself?" I asked her.

"Yes." She replied with confidence. My anger got the best of me and my hand made contact with her skin. 

"Nice try, I don't believe you for one second. Now tell me, where is she?" I grabbed her chin and forced her to look at me. She didn't answer.

"If that's how its going to be, then fine. Search the house." I told my men. Everyone spread out and searched the house. I went back to Perrie to deal with her.

"Niall up here." I heard Harry call me. 

"You watch her." I said to one of my men. I walked down the hall and found Harry guarding a door.

"I heard a noise, someone is defiantly in there." 

"Good. Get everyone out of here and start the car. This shouldn't take long." I said then I kicked the door open. I saw Rachel in front of me and she screamed as she saw me. I smirked to myself.

"STOP DON'T TOUCH HER." I heard Perrie yell. I turned to Harry and gestured for him to go.

"Well look who we have here?" I teased her. She tried to scoot back with each step I took. 

"I told you. We always come back." 

"No. No." She mumbled to herself. 

"Did you miss me baby?" She curled into a ball in the corner of the bed. 

"I'll hand it to you. You are one hard girl to find. But one little slip and I was able track you down." 

Rachel's POV

I couldn't say anything. I couldn't even see anything. My vision was blurred by my tears. 

" Please." I whimpered. 

"We can do this the easy way or the hard way." He told me. I didn't say anything I just whimpered again. 

"If that's how you're going to be then fine." I felt a hand grab me then pull me across the bed. Niall grabbed my arm and I was in to much shock to fight him. I felt a prick in my arm and I soon felt my eyes become heavy. I closed my eyes and fell into a peaceful sleep.  

~The Next Day~

I opened my eyes and found myself in a dark bedroom. I tried to sit up but found myself handcuffed to the bed. I pulled on the handcuff by nothing. I was just going to injure myself. I heard the door open and I looked up and saw Niall leaning on the door frame.

"I see you're awake." He smirked at me. 

"What'd you do to Perrie?" I asked him. 

"Oh she's fine. Zayn is dealing with her right now." I started to struggle more. 

"Let me go." I growled at him. He ignored me and walked closer to the bed. I suddenly heard a baby cry. I locked eyes with him. 

"You didn't." I was shocked. 

"HOW DARE YOU." I yelled at him. I pulled more on the handcuffs. 

"Don't you dare touch my child." I growled at him. He smirked at me. 

" I can bring her to you if you want." I glared at him. 

" Don't touch her." I told him once again. 

"Oh don't worry, she is being very well taken care of." 


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