Chapter 1

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3 Years Ago.........

First day of university and that also in this unknown country of America felt Nandani. "At least you are with me" said Nandani  to Navya. There was a relief on Nandani's face to have Navya by her side. Navya Naveli, Nandani's best friend in whom she trusted blindly.
"Ok first assembly and then we will be split into two different classes. Just hope we are together," said Nandani and crossed her fingers and placed her hands in her pockets. She had a strange belief that if you really want something then wish for it and keep your fingers crossed but make sure no one could see them. They walked towards the quad where rest of the students were waiting.
" many HOT guys," said Navya with lot of naughtiness in her tone.
"Really, that's the first thing you notice about this place. And dude I am freaking out here. I wonder if we will be in the same class or not. And what about the teachers. My first day is going to be so bad and...,"
"Stop being so impulsive already, just relax," interrupted Navya. "And can you be positive for once in your life. The day hasn't even started yet and how do you know it's going to be bad?? And...even I am scared of this new place I don't know what's going to happen either" replied Navya with great confidence and slight fear hidden between her words. "But we always manage right!?," said Navya and looked at Nandani, which gave her the confidence she was looking for. They both smiled at each other and waited for the first bell to ring for the assembly.
After about 10 mins the bell rang and all the freshers were standing in lines, waiting for the dean to come and address the new students. And for 20 more minutes he spoke about the school's aims and vision, responsibilities and some of the important rules followed in the school. None of the students seemed interested in listening to all that. Navya was more interested in the boys standing in the lines. She started checking out all the boys when she saw two familiar faces. She whispered into Nandani's ear,"check those two in the front...."
"Navya please. I don't want to check them out, not now atleast!"said an annoyed Nandani.

"No man look at them, don't they look familiar," Navya tried to explain.

Nandani looked at them with surprise and muttered "Manik and Cabir?"
"It's Manik and Cabir? What are they doing here?" Said a shocked Nandani.

"Manik is the same guy from high school right? But wasn't he going to Australia to his aunts house?" Said Navya.

"Whatever, I don't care and I didn't like him anyways," said Nandani and trying hard to listen to the Professor-looking-guy. Nandani and Navya were happy being together in the same class. And Nandani thanked God for listening to her wish. The students were dispersed, so the two girls started walking towards the class when Navya heard a load "HI". It was Cabir.
He approached toward them and extended his hands hoping for a handshake. Navya looked at him for a minute and then shook hands with him.

"Weren't you two supposed to be in Australia? What are you guys doing here?", claimed Navya.

"Shit man, she also keeps information about me. That means she did notice me," Cabir muttered in Manik's ear with excitement.

"What are you guys whispering?"

"No nothing......, actually Manik got a scholarship here and then I also came along with him as we are always together."

"Ya I remember you guys in school," said Nandani with a smile. And then she looked at Manik who was giving her a weird expression that she did not understand and decided to ignore him.

Manik got annoyed as Nandani made faces and ignored him. "Now if you guys are done with your little reunion then can we proceed to our first class?"

And they all moved to their first lesson. Since it was the first day, the first lesson was more like an introduction for the students to know each other. Manik and Cabir sat on the last row while he saved two seats in front of them for Nandani and Navya. As Nandani sat on her seat she looked back and thanked Cabir completely ignoring Manik. For Manik this was something new. In school it was a bit different as they had their own sets of friends and hardly interacted despite being in the same class. But here in America, on their first day of school, he only knew few faces and she was one of them. He was being ignored and his charm that he was overconfident about was not being acknowledged by Nandani.
All students gave their introduction and the lesson soon came to an end.

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