The Week Before

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My name is Adrian Krystal and ive just started school at Lincoln High Shool for my senior year. Hopefully this will be a good year for me to have a fresh start. The day started  like normal til I got to lunch and saw a fight. I wasnt used to fights in my old school, especially when it was a girl against a guy. The guy was getting beaten down so bad but i didnt know what the fight was about. The girl seemed to be really pissed off. I thought I should go break it up because it didnt look like she was going to stop. Before I could do anything the principle came to deal with it. "Jane Kingston!" he yelled,"You should know that, by now, you cant afford to miss any more days due to suspension." The principal claimed. Jane Kingston has something to her that i have never known from any other girl i have ever met. I want to get to know her better. I hope this doesnt end badly cause last time the girl broke my heart.

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