Eren Yeager

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Ur P.O.V.

I pulled my hand out and looked at the name on the paper before sighing with a small blush.

"Um...(Eren ship)..wanna take this one?"

I asked and showed him/her the name on the paper while everyone was either laughing or saying 'oooh~'.(Eren ship)seemed disappointed that I had gotten his/her boyfriend but shook his/her head.

"I can't. We have to follow the rules."

He/she said. Eren and I walked into the closet and horseface shut the door.

"Only 7 minutes you two."

He said with a smirk as the door shut. Eren smirked and grabbed my shoulder, pulling me closer.

"Hey. I've got an idea. Wanna prank them?"

He asked, mischief dripping from his voice. I smirked and nodded.

"You bet."

I whispered back. He smiled and told me what to do. I smirked even wider and held a hand over my mouth to stop from laughing. I nodded and started to 'moan'


I fake moaned and kicked the door, earning laughs and perverted comments from the other side of the door as well as a few ugly comments toward (Eren ship). I had to clasp my hand over my mouth tightly to stop from laughing my ass off. Eren smirked and took his hoodie off, crouching on the floor and moving it around to make it sound like we were moving. I 'gasped'

"E-Eren~! N-not there~!"

I was trying my best not to laugh out loud and hit the floor with my fist after sitting next to Eren. By now everybody outside the closet was in a commotion.

"I want to open the door SO BAD!"

Jean said. I could hear someone moving closer to the door.

"No. We have to follow the rules."

Armin stated. I heard someone huff, most likely Jean, and the foot steps went back toward the couches. I smirked at Eren. I could barley make out his figure from the light coming from under the door. He smirked back.

"Don't be so loud. We don't want them hearing do we?"

He asked, purposely loud enough for them to hear. The door opened. Jean had a disappointed look on his face and the others looked mad. Eren and I couldn't help it. We started laughing our asses off and stood up to walk out but Jean pushed us back in.

"This time...DO SOMETHING!"

He yelled, slamming the door after pushing us. We fell and I ended up landing on top of Eren. I gasped and went to get off but he had a firm grip on my waist.


I whispered with a blush. He looked up at me.

"We have to follow the rules."

He said, flipping us before pressing his lips to mine. My eyes widened for a minute before going back to normal and then closing. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. After about two minutes our sweet and soft kiss had turned into a heated make out session. After what felt like seconds Jean opened the door and took a picture before we had time to move.

Eren pulled away, a string of saliva connecting us. He blushed more(if that was even possible) and swatted it away before getting off of me and helping me up. I stood with his help and walked out, blushing madly. Eren threw our names away and I sat back down on the couch and everybody started asking questions. Well, everybody except for (Eren ship).

He/she was sat there with a hurt expression until Eren sat next to him/her and started a heated make out session with him/her. I frowned a bit but got over it, knowing he had only kissed me because it was the rules and went back to answering questions.
If u don't have an Eren ship then just put a character name where it says '(Eren ship)' and read this ending.

Eren sat next to me after we exited the closet and wrapped an arm around me. He took our names out of the bag and threw them in the trash can while going back to directing the game, kissing me whenever no one was looking.

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