The Assasins innocent prey

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The year is 1837, the well known, much feared and truly handsom 26 year old Assasin Arden Beardsley, gets a dangeraus, and even for him, hard mission. The king he works for, King Harold of Scottland, has for a long time not been in good terms with the highly worshiped priest Erik Storm, but no one knows why, Erik has the power of a king and has his whole home country Sweden on knees ahead of him. The biggest monastry of Sweden, Bärgamo, are his kingdom. Don't get it wrong, every living human that is under his command, loves him. He has a warm smile and understanding spirit, people talk about his kindness all over the world. 

King Harold, jealous over the attention Erik gets, and the cold heartless beast that he is, sends Arden to destroy Erik and everything that comes in the way. Wich includes every unwilling human. 

Arden, who has nothing to loose, and a reputation he has to stand up for, accept the riskfilled task. But what he doesnt expect is that someone, a nun, the most innocent woman he has ever laid eyes on, will catch his heart.

The women, or girl, is only 18.The only thing Edun Didriksdotter has ever seen is the walls of Bärgamo monastry. Sure they have a pretty big garden. But still.  

She was an outcast in the group of nuns, she was left on the street outside the monastry when she was only 4 months. This is pretty regulary if a women gets pregnant without being married. It's a big shame for your family to be in that situation.  

But anyways, those children is called Shame children. And thats what Edun is. She's in a lower rank then the others.

One day, right before bedtime, she hear a fight going on outside. All the other girls get panick and run down, straight to their death . But Edun stays there in pure chock, she sees people die. The guards over the girls bed house. She sees her so called sisters get killed. The scariest part is that it's just one man, one man who can make so much damage. She can't see his face because of the black cloak he is wearing. But he looks like a giant to her. When everyone outside is dead, it goes up for her. She will die. 

In what she think is her last moment of life, she sits on her knees, press her hands together, and prey. She hears someone storm in to the room and thats the last thing she notices before everything goes black.

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