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Harry was at the frozen yogurt shop from across his school when he had gotten the call, unconsciously dropping his cup onto the ground and having it splatter all over when he heard the news. His mind was swimming with different possibilities, not paying any attention to the people who were looking at him like he was some freak who spilled his yogurt on the ground and didn't even bother to pick it up.

"Harry, are you okay?" the phone was still pressed to his ear and he was blanked out, not noticing that his friend was waving his hand in front of his face with concerned features. Once Harry comes back to his senses, he closes his opened mouth, ended the call with his friend and stuffing it quickly in his back pocket. He shakes his head, scratching the back of his neck with a nervous look on his face.

With pleading eyes and hands clasped in front of him he says, "Jace, Georgia just called me and said that she had been in an accident with my precious BMW," he cries out, fanning himself with watery eyes, "can you do me a huge favor and drive me there? I've got to see what's going on for sure. I can't believe I let her borrow my baby — I mean, c'mon, the only time I let someone use her she gets wrecked." Harry waves around his arms.

Jace nods his head with every word Harry says, immediately taking out his car keys and motioning for the boy to follow him out of the shop. Before Harry even leaves, he shouts out an apology to the workers about the frozen yogurt on the ground and tells them that it would be best if they'd clean it up. They both jog up to Jace's Bentley, the green eyes boy getting into the passengers side quickly when his friend unlocks the car doors.

They leave the scene with wheel marks printed on the ground, driving insanely fast to where Georgia said she was a while ago, the only sounds that you would be able to hear is Harry's rapid and deep breathing and the cars whirring sound from driving. "I hope my baby's okay. Oh god, what if she's broken! My dad spent a lot of money on her and he won't be pleased to hear this."

Jace just stays quiet, staring intently at the road and peeking at Harry through the corner of his eye every once and a while. "Can't he just buy you a new one or something? I mean, you guys are fucking rich — practically the richest people in this damn state! Maybe your dad will be like whatever, here's a hundred grand and baddabing baddaboom! You've got yourself a more expensive and better car." he suggests with a shrug.

Harry's mouth falls wide open at Jace's comment, eyebrows furrowed and arms crossed. "No, that will not work. Knowing my father he will probably make me wait for a whole week before even thinking about letting me get another car. Oh no, what if he makes me do . . . work?" he whispers the last thing as if it's a bad word, chewing on his lower lip nervously. "I don't wanna do work!"

"Look, if your dad decides that he won't buy you a car ever again — which I doubt he will — I'll just convince my dad to buy me a new car and then I'll let you use it." Jace says as if it's no big deal, finally pulling up to the right spot and his eyes abruptly spot Harry's damaged car, wincing a little at the sight. He hears Harry cry out from beside him, quickly getting out of his car and running over to Georgia who had a guilty look on her face.

"What the hell, Georgia? Look at what you did to my baby! You promised me you would take care of her but look where we are now," Harry yells at her, hands coming up to his hair to yank at it in frustration, "I can't believe I ever trusted you with the one thing I truly love! You will be hearing from my lawyers." he spits at her with a scowl, not noticing Jace who was walking towards him.

The blonde haired boy places his hand on Harry's shoulder, spinning him around so he could face him. "Woah, Harry, calm down. It was just an accident, I'm sure she feels just as bad as you do so you don't have to pile on even more guilt on her." he tries with an uncertain smile, face dropping when Harry gives him a cold, hard stare. He looks at Georgia and shrugs his shoulders, "Well, I tried." he awkwardly laughs with a clap of his hands.

Harry turns back around and puts on a smile, eyes dark. "Say bye to your daddy's money, bitch."


"But dad, you don't understand! This isn't my fault, it's Georgia's. She's the one who got into that stupid car accident and she's the one who wrecked my BMW!" he stomps on the wooden ground with a sad look on his face, eyes starting to water because his father usually never denies his requests. Last year he got Nick Jonas to come to his sixteenth birthday party with one call from his dad.

The grey haired man takes off his glasses from where he's sitting at his desk, folding his hands and looking up at Harry with a raised eyebrow. "Son, how many times have I told you to never share your car with your friends, huh?" he tests Harry, tilting his head a bit when he doesn't get an answer. "Let me repeat my question; how many times have I told you to never share your car with your friends?"

Harry looks around the room with pouted lips, sniffling so quiet that his father almost didn't hear it. "I-I don't know . . . like, ten times?" his voice is small and has a hint of embarrassment to it, cheeks flushed a bright red while he looks at the ground, hesitant to look at his dad's face. He hears his father grunt and he looks up, seeing the man lift his hands up as in I can't do anything about this. "I swear it won't happen again, just please —!"

"No, Harry, you'll have to wait about a month until I can get you a new car. I can't just go around tossing my money like I don't care about it! This is my final decision and you'll just have to deal with it." Desmond says with a stern voice. A tear slips from Harry's eye but he is quick to wipe it away, sniffling rather loudly with his head held high.

"Fine, but how will I get to and from school? I won't ride the filthy buses they offer." Harry's voice slightly trembles, swallowing thickly and wiping away another stray tear that lays delicately on his cheek. Maybe he could ask one of his friends to drive him for one month. Surely they'd say yes because he's richer and more popular.

"I'll have you meet our family's chauffeur tomorrow; Louis Tomlinson."


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