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Pen Your Pride

Troyler One Shot

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Troye's POV

It was after dinner at Vidcon and me and Tyler could not stop talking, on and on as we mindlessly walked towards the three rooms all our friends were staying in. The others had gone their separate ways after dinner to party's or hangouts, so it was me and Tyler alone. Now, Tyler was most likely perfection. He was hilarious and cute and could be so sexy just by doing the simplest things like touching his hair or licking his lips or even just laughing got me going. Without either of us even questioning it he opened his door and we walked inside. We were far too engrossed in our conversation to even realize that we had both made our way to his bed.

"I mean if you even think to rival my silky shine hair products, I will take you down errkay," I loved the way he talked. I hadn't realized I was just staring at him, grinning. He flashed me a smile back and put his hand on my leg. My smile shrunk in shock and my eyes widened as I glanced down at his hand and back up to his eyes.

"You are so attractive Troye..." He said softly gazing down at my lips then back up to my eyes. With that look he had me thinking about kissing him great, perfect, f*ck. I couldn't hold myself back. I leaned forward quickly, giving him no time to escape, and placed my lips against his. I thought he might move away, hit me, something! But instead he moved his lips back against mine. As our lips moved in and out of each others mouths, my arms slowly crept up to latch around his neck, and my fingers threaded through his soft silver-lavender hair. His tongue raced against my lips and I gladly opened my mouth to his access. His tongue ran down and up one side of mine, then down the other. I let out a soft "hmm" noise and he pressed his lips into mine harder at the sound. Both of his hands were resting on my thighs, but they began to move upward. Just his thumb stroked my inner thigh, coming all the way up to barley a centimeter from my crotch, then back down. As his lips moved against mine he repeated the actions with his hands, turning me on so bad. I began to push my body forward until I rested on top of Tyler. Then I rolled my hips against his, grinding myself into him. He let out a little moan and I continued to grind my front against his. His hands latched around my lower back to pull me closer to him. Then his hands snaked up my shirt, and pushed it over my head. I was suddenly very hot, began undoing my pants and Tyler removed his own shirt. I grabbed onto his belt with haste and quickly undid his jeans, pulling them off of him. I moaned again at the perfect sight of Tyler Oakley laying under me in only his boxers, messy hair and glasses askew. My eyes followed my fingers as they ran up his stomach and chest, trailing lightly over his nipples. I met his gaze and he looked up at me with dark eyes.

"Troye..." He murmured huskily. "Can I have you?" I felt my body heat up at his words.

"Take me," I replied looking straight into his eyes. He moaned and I felt his c0ck growing against my leg. He rolled over and pressed his body flush against mine and kissed me hard before detaching our lips. He moved down to my neck, nibbling along it. I shivered when his mouth met a certain spot and he froze. Then, he began sucking and biting the spot as I wiggled beneath him, gasping at the feeling. This was, admittedly, new for me. I had never been touched like this before, or had been made to feel like this. Tyler continued to lick his spot and his fingers tweaked my nipples.

"Mmmm" I groaned. He made his way from my neck to my chest and grasped my left nipple into his mouth. His tongue twirled around it as his hands stroked my sides, sending electric pleasure over me with his touches. He then pressed his boxer clad erecti0n against mine. Our shafts rubbed against each other through the fabric. I felt myself unraveling and letting the immense pleasurable feeling of Tyler take me over. Pulses of warmth were being sent straight to my cock and I cried out when his hand dipped into my boxers and gently squeezed the head of my d!ck. He slowly pulled his hand down the the base, then back up and I lost myself to his touch, doing my best at not thrusting into his hand, but failing. Suddenly I felt his tongue flick across my slit and I moaned loudly. While his tongue flitted across my tip and one of his hands pumped me, his other came up to my mouth. I took in his fingers to moisten them. He withdrew his hand and placed it at my opening. Then the head of my d!ck was inside of his mouth as his tongue swirled around it causing me to become a moaning, sweating mess. His finger teased my entrance, then pushed into it. I gasped a little at the feeling, lifting my head up a little, but then he sucked hard on my c0ck and my head fell back with a moan again. He took me all the way into his moist cavern and sucked me hard as he entered another finger into me. He began pumping his fingers into me, and curling around. Then my c0ck hit the back of his throat as his fingers pressed into something that had me completely shaking from pleasure and coming hard into his mouth. My body was flushed with heat as I panted hard against the sheets.

"Is this your first time, Troye?" Tyler asked me. I let out a small noise and nodded pathetically. "Don't worry baby, I'll make you feel amazing." More? I thought. My chest already burned with all the extreme pleasures he was putting my body through. But my c0ck was already back up, and ready to go at it some more. He came to my mouth and kissed me hard. I felt something warm and wet pressing against my entrance and I jumped in surprise. "It's ok baby," he whispered against my lips. I trusted Tyler, so I gave my approval and he slowly entered me. I broke my head away from his with a strangled scream. His lips just went down to my neck and he gave me soft loving kisses along my upper body, peppering me with them to help me forget about the pain. The pain slowly faded away into the amazing feeling of being full. I rolled my hips against his, moving his dick around inside me. He moaned and slowly withdrew, then pushed back in quickly. It didn't hurt this time, but felt like perfect friction that I needed more of so bad right now.

"Tyler f*ck me!" I yelled at him. He moaned again loudly with such lust my d!ck twitched and began plundering into my ass. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him into me with every stroke. Then he hit the same spot as before with his d!ck and I screamed in ecstasy. He pounded into my prostate so hard I thought I might break, but I wanted it harder still. With each stroke electrifying, mind numbing pleasure flew through me and my body bucked and writhed beneath his. I let out a continuous stream of moans and curses, and Tyler wasn't quiet at all either as we both called out each others names. His moans made me hotter and I felt the intensifying heat pushing itself through my crotch and my stomach being lit in an fire of ecstasy. And then for the second time I came without being touched and Tyler pounded into me losing all rhythm and came as well. We collapsed on the bed, with my beautiful Tyler laying on top of me, still in me. I loved the full feeling as he stayed there.

"Troye?" He asked looking up at me.

"Yeah?" I sighed feeling perfectly content in this moment.

"Will you be my boyfriend?" His eyes gazed hopefully up into mine.

"Of corse, my Tyler. I'm yours."


So sorry about the 0s and !s but wattpad privated my story the first try i did this so this is what you get.

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