Coming back

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" Ta Da!", I hear Bart say as he gets out.

"Voilà, hey Dude wouldn't it be crash if we call you impulse or maybe we can be the Impulse twins!?", I grin.

"You're right. It's catchy dramatic one word. Like night wing, robin and beast boy. Well beast boys two words, like blue beetle. Hey is he here right now? Don't worry impulse can find out for himself!", with that he speeds off.

" sigh, sorry about him. He gets a little excited, hey I can help you catch him if you would like! Good well I'll get peace!!", with that I also sped off.

I keep running and eventually find him on the ground with hand cuffs.

"Haha, look at you now! Told you not to speed off like that!", he rolls his eyes. "Sorry about him. Names (y/n) Allen, grandchild of Barry Allen and Iris West. And this knuckle head here is my cousin-", he interrupted.

"Bart Allen, grandson of Barry Allen, the Flash. Can't you tell? I have his good looks, his intelligence-"

"His enormous ego"' I chimed.

Everyone chuckled at my statement.

"here you must have worked at quite a thi-"

"No! Don't drink it, it has microscopic tracking devices that are inside of you so they know where you go!", i yelled and they all looked at me shocked.


"That's easy it's such a dick Grayson mo- oops spoilers. Tim drake, Garfield Logan, and-"

"Dick Grayson!", I glare at Bart. "See I know only things future boy would know."

"Entering Malcolm Duncan"

"Looks like and exit come on (y/n)!"


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