Chapter Twenty Four::Delvin

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"Those goddamn Boltons!" Exclaimed another voice angrily, one that sounded like it should be familiar to Raina, but it failed to come to her. "What would they want with Raina anyway?" Raina fell gaunt, the idea of another person knowing her name had her feeling overwhelmed with an unknown fear. She couldn't put a name to the voice, and it worried her to know who it could be, and whether he could be trusted with such a secret. "She was promised to Ramsay, they probably were acting on behalf of Roose to keep that alliance intact," Finn, the easily recognisable of the two voices, finally spoke again, his arms still tightly wrapped around Raina's body. From what Raina could tell she was travelling in the opposite direction to what the carriage had been travelling in, with Finn carrying her as they moved. "Seven hells!" The second voice yelled out, and seconds afterwards Finn came to a halt. Raina felt her body move slowly downwards, until her body collided with a solid surface, that of which Finn had evidently placed her on. She sat still, and silent, waiting to see what the pair would do next. As far as she could tell their was only the three of them, as no other voices had been heard on their brief walk, though the only way she could tell for certain was once Finn had removed her blindfold.  

The bag ruffled as he lifted it over her head gently, careful not to harm her in the slightest. "How long have I been gone?" She asked, shaking her head quickly to fix her hair, and enjoy the lack of confinements around her. The rope was shortly removed from her wrists and ankles, allowing the blood circulation to continue as normal. "3 days." The second voice stated simply, only now reminded Raina that she could proceed to look at him, unlike before when she could not. She peered upwards, feeling somewhat light headed, but not enough to prevent her from trying to recognise her company. Stood behind her brother, was a tall, well built man, with a thick brown bearded lining his chin, and dusty blond hair not too unlike Finn's. Once again Raina felt as though she should know him, but failed to pull a name from her mind, and instead found herself staring aimlessly at him until it came to her. "Where are we?" She questioned in the meantime, turning her attention to the face she knew all too well. "Near Harrenhal." Finn replied calmly, a comforting smile etching onto his stubbled face, one that now had a few raw scars from the Oxcross battle. Raina had almost forgotten that she had failed to see her brother after the battle ended, but instead she'd stormed off in a flurry of anger and sadness because of the King. Had Robb even noticed her disappearance? Had he been the one to send her brother after her? Or was that him acting on his own accord, with help? "Were they Boltons?" She proceeded, trying to wrap her head around the whole ordeal. It hadn't felt like 3 days, but then again she'd been kept unconscious or in the dark for the majority of that time, so it was bound to feel like less. "Yes, most likely working for Ramsay and his father," The second voice said quickly, stepping to Finn's side with his familiar eyes set on her. 

"Look how you've grown," He sighed, a smile appearing as he spoke, though Raina still sat there, clueless. "Told you she wouldn't recognise you," Finn chuckled, patting the taller man on the shoulder, "It's ya brother," He said afterwards, a grin still beaming on his matching face, a smile Raina had not seen in a long while. And then it struck her, "Delvin!" She all but screamed, lurching into his arms excitedly. She couldn't recall the last time she'd seen her eldest brother, but it had definitely been a few years since their last encounter. Needless to say they'd both aged since that time, and Delvin had certainly changed. He'd been clean shaven the last time they spoke, and his hair had not been so long. He'd also gained a tan from King's Landing, and a few battle scars not unlike his brother. "How are you here?" Raina inquired, wrapping her arms around his torso tightly, and refusing to back away for some time. "Father sent for me. Guess I arrived just in time to save you, eh?" He laughed, squeezing his strong arms around her. "Come on you pair, we best get moving if we are to meet the King at Riverrun," Finn yelled quickly, already having begun to walk off, shouting over his shoulder as he followed the road North. 

Riverrun? Had the King already returned there? And had he seriously not known about her capture, or was he just too lazy, or too busy, to come himself? Raina was mad at him, and upset with the entire situation she found herself in, but she couldn't help but admit she wasn't shocked that Robb had not come to her rescue. No matter how much she had wished he had, and no matter how often he always used to, he was King now, and King's couldn't fret over every soldier they had, or every squire. And that's all she was to him, a squire. Her brother's evidently saw it differently, but that did not help to brighten Raina's already dwindling mood. She wasn't even sure she wanted to go back after all of this. The idea of going home to her sister became more and more appealing the further she walked alongside her brothers. She'd, truthfully, missed Esme in the time she'd been away, and was now conscious of how much it meant to be with family and close friends. She also intended on seeing the Forresters soon, how Ethan and Talia must have grown in the year she'd been away, and how long it had been since she'd last spoken to Mira. If she went home, she could do it all, rekindle old relationships, and live her own life as herself, and not as Ray. But that meant sacrificing other things, things she wasn't sure she was ready to give up yet. 

Days passed, only spent on the road, reminiscing past events with one another, and discussing all they'd done when separated. The Glover's were about a days walk away from Riverrun when they encountered their first hitch. As they came to an open path, they could hear distant clashing of steel. At first they'd assumed it was the Bolton's, or Stark men fighting Lannisters, but once the fighting died down they knew it was something else. They did not hear harsh jokes or after-battle banter coming from men, or cheering of any kind, they just heard silence. Delvin and Finn aspired to get closer, wanting to leave Raina behind a tree, though she would not so easily back out. The three neared where the fight had presumably taken place, only to find 3 bodies. They were Boltons, nothing surprising, but whoever had done the damage was nowhere to be found, or so they'd thought. 

"Who could've-" Before Finn had even finished the question, a thin blade poised at his throat, held by a stealthy attacker. "Who are you?" A female voice asked quickly, her appearance only now being noticed by the trio, who all raised their hands in peace. "Finn Glover," He stated nonchalantly, his eye following his siblings' gaze to the holder of the sword. Raina withheld a gasp, her stare maintained on a short girl, whose hair had been cut short, but still resembled the familiar colour of an old friend. "We aren't here to cause trouble," Delvin persisted, stepping to his brother's side protectively, though it only made the girl more aggravated. "Stand still," She snapped, her blade now pointing to Devlin instead. Meanwhile, Finn went to reach for the hilt of his sword, presumably planning to disarm her. "Stop!" Raina yelled to him, his hand freezing an inch away from his weapon. He cast an alarmed glare  his sister, but she only caught it out of the corner of her eye; instead her gaze fell elsewhere. "I can't believe it..." She sighed, a small smile forming as she looked at the familiar face, and how much it had matured since the last time she'd seen it, "You're alive," The young girl frowned, gaze narrowing as she stared back, a noticeable curiosity in her stare. "Arya," 

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