My secret affair c:2

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Heyyyyy! Hope you liked my first chapter!! Here goes my second one!

I walked over casually and sat on the chair beside him.

" hello Lisa " he said with a sexy grin on his face.

" hello Jason " I said as I started walking over to him grinning.

I sat down beside him and leand in for a kiss. As soon as our lips touched I moaned. Slowly our passion grew stronger as he started unbuttoning his shirt, I took of my shirt and tossed it away. He laid me down and started delivering kisses to my neck then to my breasts I pulled him back up to my face and grabed his waist as he moved to my rythem my hands went lower down deeper until I couldent go any farther. I slowly unbuckled his pants as we kissed.

I gasped as he slowly un buckled my bra strap. I felt his lips on my breast I moaned with delight as he licked my body. We slowly switched positions I was on top he was on bottom. I moaned again.

Then I realized what I was doing I have kissed Jason before but never fullon had sex!

I quickly pulled myself away grabbing my clothes and running up to my room I diddent feel hurt or stupid just relief that it was over.

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