Days Like These

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****Reilly's P.O.V.***


February 24th 21:23pm

You would think my life would be easy, having an ordinary family and no siblings. You thought wrong. The thought of having everything you would think you’d be happy.


Not for me.

 My name is Reilly, and I have everything a teenage girl would want. One think I do have I don’t want at all.

 Laying there near to death, or near to happiness. My family all say that it’s going to be okay, but no one knows for sure.

 Staring at my dead body as my soul floats upwards and I start a new life. Each day it feels like I’m sinking and every day I get closer to that day I sink further and further, and on that day I drown and sink to the bottom of my life.

  Cancer, never thought it would come to days like these.

Maybe it will be good to die... No one ever loved me. No one ever looked into my brown eyes and said  "I love you".

Maybe the day will come maybe I'm thinking too negative and that special someone will be mine forever.

Going to school is the hardest. I always just go to class sit down and never speak. Everyone asks me if I'm okay but I just walk away and start to cry.

Teachers have recommended me to go to the counselor, but I don't want to break the news to anyone who would spread it around the school. I'd be the freak with a lump.

February 25th 03:36pm

The day is only four days away. I've started a bucket list just in case I don't make it. I will get and A in science, that will never happen. I will climb Machu Picchu, can't do that in three days. I will read all seven Harry Potter books, I just can't the fourth book is huge. My bucket list will be incomplete, my life will be incomplete.

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