Meet Batman

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Robin's P.O.V.

I'm freaking out about the news I just heard. How is she going to protect herself and take care of the baby at all times. We shouldn't have taken that step in our relationship. Huh, I'm just gunna focus on catching Zuko. Me and Star will talk this out later. 2 hours later we were in gotham. Out of no where,a black figure floated above us and landed in front of the car. Cyborg slammed on the breaks. Its was no other than Batman. 

''B-b-b-batman!''  Cyborg and Beast Boy muttered out. Everyone got out of the car.  When Bat saw me,he gave a surprised look.  

''Robin,long time no see!''  


''What brings you four to Gotham?''  

''Robin,wanna give him the low down?'' Raven asked me.

''Might as well. Were here to catch Tony Zuko. He broke out of prision.''

''I was not informed.'' Batman said sounding surprised.  ''Robin,introduce me!''

''Kay. Batman this is the Teen Titans. Titans Batman.'' Everyone just stared in awe.

''So,you'r the guy Robin used to work with?''  Raven asked sounding unamused.

''That's right. Say,do you need a place to stay?'' 

''I think so.''  Cyborg pointed out.

''How about you all come stay at my Mannor.''

''Yes please. '' We all said in unison.

When we got to his mansion,Alfred walked out.

''Master Dick. It's pleasent to see you.''

''You too.''

''Robin,what did he just call you?''  Beast Boy asked trying to keep in a few laughs.

''Nothing. Nothing at all.''

''Here. Let's go in. I'll show all of you your rooms.''

''Cool.'' Beast Boy said with a smile.

After Batman showed us all our rooms,I went in mine to call Starfire. Bumble Bee answered.

''Hey Robin.''

''Hi. Let me talk to starfire.''

''She's in a really bad mood.''

''Put her on.''

''You're a really truper for saying that.''

When she put Starfire on her eyes were glowing green.

''WHAT!'' She yelled at me.

''I just wanted to check on you.''

''I am fine. We will talk later. ''

Gez,what was all that about?' I thought to myself. When I turned around,I saw Raven at my door.

''Rae,you scared me.''

''Robin,is Starfire pregnant?''


''Why didn't you tell us?''

''I just found out a couple hours ago!''

''A couple hours ago!''

''What are you getting mad at me for?''

''Robin,why would you keep such a big secret from us? Do you not want to be a dad?''

''I wanna be a dad,I'm just ...scared.''

''Scared,of what?''

''What if she's home alone and someone breaks in? How is she going to defend herself and the baby?''

''Robin,you're worrying over nothing. Starfire's tough. She can handle it.''

''I know, I'm just really nervous.''

''Well yeah,you're about to be a dad. Anyone would be scared.''

''I guess you're right.''


''Raven,wait! This is only between me and you. Don't tell Batman,or the others. I'll tell them all later.''


My communicator was going crazy. When I answered it,it was Starfire. 


''I am sorry,Robin.''

''That's okay. Is everything alright?''

''Yes,I am just scared.''

''Star. Did you really find out today?''

''Yes. Why would I keep such great news from you?''

''I don't know. I should really get going. I love you.''

''I love you too,boyfriend Robin.''

At least she's happy. I don't know how I'm gunna tell the others. My main focus for the moment is giving Zuko what was finally coming to him. If Batman dosen't threaten to take away the Robin again.''


Sorry if it was bad. Warning in future chapters,there will be cussing and violence,and another big surprise. Well,bye!


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