New Marauders

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Hey boys and girls on Wattpad! Fresh meat here covered in AwesomeSauce, and my friend's been nagging at me to get a Wattpad account up for ages... So here I be with a story that may or may not have been done before..

I do not own Hogwarts, Harry Potter, Rose and Hugo Weasley, James, Albus and Lilly Potter, Teddy Lupin or Scorpius Malfoy as they belong to the ever charming JK Rowling. If I did own these characters, I would be having other people doing my writing for me as I roll around in my vast amount of money.

Please leave comments, critisism, or praise where necessary. Be as ruthless as possible! I can take it, really... I really do enjoy burying my face on my mother's shoulder.

Chapter 1

Albus Severus Potter watched his father walk along beside the train as it picked up speed. With a final toot, the train rounded a corner and Harry Potter disappeared from view. 

Heaving a sigh, Albus turns to his older brother, James, who was standing behind him. "Let's get to it then," James said to him, and heaved at his luggage. Rose Weasley, their cousin, had gone ahead to look for an empty compartment for them.  

"Where are your friends James?" Albus asked his brother as they walked. He had always been hearing the adventures that his brother had had with his friends, and was excited to meet them.  

James chuckled, "they'll be meeting us later. They've got an errand to run first."  

"An errand?" Albus asked, "what kind of errand?"  

James answered with a sly wink and said, "confidential Al but I'll tell you another time."  

Albus wasn't satisfied with that answer but remained silent. They finally found Rose in a carriage way at the far back of the train, sitting alone and unsure of herself.  

"It's about time you two!" She said scoldingly, her arms on her hips in a good imitation of their grandmother. "Have you any idea how awkward it was sitting here by myself? People came in asking if I'd like some company!"  

"Why didn't you say yes?" James asked, storing his and Albus's luggage in the overhead luggage rack. 

"You know how I deal with strangers James," Rose said, "I nearly fainted just telling them I'm waiting for my cousins!"  

Albus sat near the window, watching the bright, cloudless sky as the train rattled noisily on it's tracks. "we're really going to Hogwarts." he thought happily.  

"So Al!"  

Albus turned to face his brother who wore a familiar mischievous grin. "What now James?" he asked with a hint of exasperation in his tone.  

The smile on James face dropped as his tone went serious, "Al... I just wanted to say that... Well..." 

James looked genuinely concerned about something. Albus felt whatever irritation he had toward his brother disappear when he saw the vulnerability he was displaying. But it came back as James finished his sentence. 

"... It wouldn't be so bad if you end up in Slytherin," by the time he finished, the grin was back on his face.  

Albus felt himself getting hot under the collar. "I am NOT going to Slytherin!" he yelled at his brother. It was the same argument that they had ever since Albus had turned 11, and the owl that delivered the invitation to attend Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry arrived with a letter to him.  

James was a year older and enjoyed teasing his little brother about which of the four houses (Gryfindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin) that Albus might end up in. Albus had heard rumors about Slytherin house being cursed by turning out dark wizards, and absolutely felt horrified at the thought of being in the House. 

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