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Newly titled: Whipped


DO NOT: read this book offline (without wifi), this is a multimedia book which means if you go offline then all the media won't load and you'll miss chunks of the story.

This book was written when I came out of a slump and needed to laugh. I wrote and shared this book with the hopes that one of you can get a chance to read something silly, fun and just laugh. I know I needed to, and I hope this book helps if you need to as well.



I would just like to say:

1. Copyright: 'Whipped (Bad Boy Bakers)' including all chapter, prologues, epilogues, and associated content is COPYRIGHTED. All rights reserved by the owner and creator of this work, TahliePurvis and any unauthorized copying, broadcasting, manipulation, distribution, or selling of this work constitutes as an infringement of copyright. Any infringement of copyright is punishable by law.

2. Thank you to nonfictionalex , knightsrachel , DoNotMicrowave , tangles- , samantha and XxSkater2Girl16xX (accidental newbie) who persuaded me to write this with threats from Shia LaBeouf, baking puns, Zeke from HSM, and let me continuously tweet them about shirtless boys baking. (I'm surprised you haven't blocked me already)

3. This is a new adult story (set in college)


Started: February 2016
Finished: April 2017


Whipped Universe:

1. Whipped

2. Simmer

3. Preheat (coming soon)

4. Juno & Jude (other working title: Sizzle) [coming soon]



Maisie Small

Maisie Small

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