Chapter 1

I got off the bus and, for the first time they were there. They were just standing there looking at me as I went to the library. When I moved they moved, if I ran they ran. When I got to the library I was nearly in tears. The librarian asked what was wrong but when I told her she went to look but they were not there. When I got home at around midnight from a party they were standing across the street looking at the house. I ran inside and locked all the doors and windows. Then I ran to my room being careful not to wake anyone and looked out the window to see if they were still there but there was no one in the street. As I got ready for bed I told my self I had imagined it. And with that I fell in to a deep sleep. I did not dream that night and I was glad that I did not.

As I got to my new school the next day they were there again. They were just standing there looking at me. I was just sick of it so I walked over to them and said

“Can I help you? Or do you just stare at everyone.”

“No one can help them.” a voice said behind me. When I turned around to see who had spoken I saw her. She had flowing red hair that blazed like a fire and icy blue eyes that looked just like mine. She was dressed in the traditional school uniform of white blouse and grey chequered skirt. Her skin was as white as snow and there was not a blemish in sight.

“Sorry, you are?” I asked annoyed

“I’m Josephine Baker the school Captain.”    

“Nice to meet you. I’m Jasmine Greenwood. I just moved here from England.”

“Well welcome to Australia. As school captain I feel obliged to show you the popular group. You don’t want to make friends with the wrong kind of people.” She said as she turned her nose up at the stalkers.

“It was nice to meet you but I will have to decline that offer as I can tell who to make friends with myself. I hope you understand.” I said and then I walked away but not before I heard her mutter,

“You’ll regret walking away from me.”

 When I got round the corner I ran to the school library hoping to have sometime to myself with a book in my lap. As I got there I was so surprised I nearly fell over. It was so full of books that I could not even see the walls. I walked around admiring all the books.

“You like books don’t you?” said a voice behind me. I was so shocked that I dropped the book I had just picked up. Behind me was a boy no older than 15. He had floppy brown hair that stopped just shy of his shoulders. His eyes were like emeralds shining in the sunlight. He was looking at me strangely and I realised that he was holding the book out at me. Avoiding eye contact I took it and muttered a thank you.

“So your new here aren’t you? Oh my name’s Alex by the way. Alex Jones.”

“Jasmine Greenwood” I said shaking the hand he stuck in my direction. To my astonishment instead of shacking it he brought it to his lips and kissed it softly. I was so shocked it took me a moment to realise he had asked my something.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?” I asked feeling like an idiot. He smiled and repeated

“I asked if you want to look at my favourite part of the library”

“Sure” I exclaimed a little too enthusiastically.

He looked at me for a second and I was scared he had changed his mind. Suddenly he laughed and the sound was like tiny bells jingling. He led me over to a group of books at the far side of the library and picked one up. He handed it to me and I flipped it over and saw the words The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod inscribed on the back. I laughed out loud and thought how ironic it was that we both loved the same series of books. He was looking at me strangely and still laughing I explained why. When I told him he started laughing too. The librarian came over and told us to either quieten down or get out.

“So how come a girl like you likes books” Alex said taking in my long golden hair and icy blue eyes.

“ When I was little I used to think that no one loved me so I turned to books to be my friends and I still read them because it is like you enter a hole new world when you open a book.” I said staring at the floor. Alex was quite for a minuet then exclaimed

“Well I’m your friend and we became friends over books so they must be lucky.” I was about to say something when the bell rang and I went to roll call. Roll call was not what I expected. We were told to read while the teacher called out our names. When she had finished she addressed the class.

“Class today we have a new student. This is Jasmine Greenwood and she just moved here from England. I want you all to be especially nice to her as you all know what it is like to be at a new school and not know anyone. Do I have a volunteer to show Jasmine around for the day?” she said looking around.

“I will miss.” said a voice. I looked around and saw a girl start to stand up. You could tell she was shy just by looking at her.

“Thank you Amy. You can take Jasmine to the office to get her timetable after roll call.” The girl, Amy, sat down and started reading. As the class started to quieten down I got lost in my book. I was on the third chapter by the time the bell went. When I got out of the class room I felt someone come up and walk beside me. When I looked it was the girl who had volunteered to show me around.

“The office is this way.” she said and pointed an arm to the left.

“By the way my name is Amy. Amy Madams.” she said quietly.

“I’m Jasmine Greenwood.” I said and got an icy glare.

“I know who you are you know. I’m not stupid.”

“Sorry” I muttered. When she next spoke to me she sounded breathless.

“Did you really talk to Alex Jones? He’s like the hottest guy in school!” she looked at me like I was a god.

“Yeah I met him in the library.” All of a sudden her gaze went icy again.

“What where you doing in the library?” she asked suspiciously. I looked at her for a minuet before answering slowly.

“I was getting a book.” At that her eyebrows went right up. It was at that minuet that I realised we had stopped walking.

“You read?” she asked suspiciously. I sighed and replied,

“Yes I read! Next thing you will want to know is if I am actually very smart or like some people that don’t have any thing going on in their head than wondering if any one likes me. The answer is yes, I am smart.” And with that I started walking again. Amy had too run to keep up asking all sorts of questions. By the time we got to the office Amy was satisfied with all of my answers.

When I got my timetable we compared them and saw that we had all the same lesions. Then I realised that the timetable was a long one and I saw that there were seven periods in one day. I sighed; today was going to be a long one.

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