Chapter 2

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  "My bad ma" he said as he turn around to face me. Even the sound of his voice was beautiful. He's dressed in an all-black fitted suit, along with shiny black shoes. The suit fit his honey brown complexion well. He isn't too big or too small either, he is the perfect size.

I attempt to get my words out but I just end up stuttering "It's okay, it wa-was my fault an-anyways for not paying attention."

He chuckles and slowly licks his lips. "Somebody is a little nervous."

"It is not every day I see a fine man inside this firm." I smile at him, finally getting out my shell.

"Oh so you think I'm fine?" He smiles back showing those pretty white teeth of his.

I raise my hand so I could shake his hand. "I'm Amina, and you are?"

"Didn't answer my question huh and Elijah." He replies back while shaking my hand.

"Are you new here or something because you are looking mighty sharp." I said in between my laugh.

 "Nahh I'm here to meet my lawyer."

 "Well good luck on your case and nice meeting you Elijah." And with that I strut off without even waiting for him to say anything. I make sure my hips are swinging from left to right cause I just know he is watching.


I enter the conference room and immediately greet my client. She is about 5'5 with ocean blue eyes, and a really bad tan. I swear some people really should not have kids. She looks like she can barely take care of herself so why the hell she got a child for?

Soon as we sit down she waste no time to tell me her side of the story. She keeps rambling on about how she tried her best to prevent the rapes, that she loves her daughter dearly and she would do anything to protect her.

If this is the type of people I'm going to represent all the time than I might as well start finding a new career. Rather I like it or not I still have to represent her cause if I don't Mr.Harrison will have my ass. After the meeting is over I rush to his office to see what was up.

"So I hear you have a rape case on your hand." He says in a nonchalant tone.

"Yeah I do but I'm representing the idiotic mother." I reply back, walking further into the office.

"I have no problem taking it from you if you don't mind."

I stare at him confusingly. "Wait, why?"

He walks towards me and sighs. "Because I'm the father of that little girl."

"You are lying!" I said with my mouth practically hitting the floor.

"I wish I was." He said while sitting at the tip of his desk.

I sit in front of him. "Well what happened?"

"Carol and I dated a few years back. We broke up over a stupid argument though and we never seen each other ever since. Two years later I received a letter from her saying she was two months pregnant the time we broke up. She claims she did not tell me because she felt as if it was the best thing to do. I tried finding out where she lived but I found nothing. It's like she magically disappeared and now she is back in Florida all of a sudden. It was her responsibility to protect our daughter but she failed miserably. So I'm going to take matters into my own hands."

I slowly took in everything he just told me. "Wow so you are going to purposely lose the case? But what about the girl?"

"Yeah pretty much and since I'm her father she will most likely be in my care."