telling klaus about a new crush

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"Hey mom guess what I just met the cutest guy. He was nice and sweet but he was also mysterious and handsome. His name is is Stefan Salvatore and he saw my baby picture and said I was cute as a baby! Oh my god! He was so handsome! I hope see him again tomorrow. Anyway I'll be in my room if you need me. " Elena said before heading off to her room leaving a happy and shocked Hayley behind. Klaus walked in not a minute after Elena went to her room. "Hey love what's with the face?" Klaus asked as he sat down next to his wife. "Well you just missed our little girl talking about her new crush. And you won't believe who it is. It's Damon Salvatore's little brother Stefan. Now don't think about killing him just because Elena has a crush on him, maybe he's nothing like Damon. Anyway love I need to go shower." Hayley said leaving a shocked and mad Klaus behind to think.

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