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Welcome to Supernatural Roleplay. This roleplay is based off of the TV show, Supernatural.

As with any roleplay, a few rules to follow:

1) Keep it PG-13. Making out is fine, but as soon as the clothes start coming off, take it to the PM.

2) Cussing is allowed.

3) Please, no OP characters.

Example: Jack killed the yellow eyed demon with one hit, stopped the apocalypse, and defeated the Mother of All easily.

None of that, please.

4) To show that you've read the rules, comment your favorite Supernatural character in the password section of your form.

5) Control your characters only, unless someone said that you could use their characters. Other than that, yours only.

6) You can RP as canon characters if you aren't out of character. Only one person will be allowed to RP as each canon character.

7) Please, no text talk.

8) Roleplay in the third person only, please! This is so you can be more descriptive.

Example: Marisole waved. "Hello!"

9) Use parentheses when you're not talking in character

10) If you see a comment that no on has replied to, then reply to that person!

11) Chain comments only, please!

12) Hate the character. Not the person playing the character.

13) Have fun!

If you read the rules and will follow them, comment "The Winchesters".

The form is on the next page.

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