Picture of Lila


"LILA, GET YOUR ASS UP RIGHT NOW UNLESS YOU DON'T WANT A RIDE TO SCHOOL" My older brother yells upstairs. I groaned but got out of bed because he usually takes his threats seriously. I showered and changed into Aztec leggings, one of those black shirts with the sides cut out and with a galaxy cross in the middle of it and black vans. I curled my hair and grabbed my bag and was down the stairs.

I saw my brothers best friend Brayson waiting patiently on the chair surrounding the island in our kitchen. "Who are you?" He asked. "Lila, duh" I said walking into the kitchen and grabbing a my coffee yogurt out the fridge. "Whoa, what happened to the nerdy, shy girl with big dork glasses and braces and always in baggy dull clothes, I wasn't sure if you had a body under those clothes" He smirks. "People change over summer" I stated. You can guess my brother and this jerk right here are the number players at Hilton High and the most popular boys at our school and I was the nerd known as Jenson little sister. "Yeah, I might just try and make you my next conquest" He leans over the counter measuring his eye level with mines. "I may have changed a little but I still have brains" I stated.

"What is that?" He asked touching my nose ring. "Its a nose ring" I said in a matter-of-factly tone. "Wow, little miss innocent has nose ring, do you have a belly ring?" He asked leaning his head to the side curiously. "Yeah when I got my nose pierced I got my belly pierced and a cartilage piercing" I said. "Sexy" He whispers. I lowered my head to hide my blush since he's flirting with me. "You're even more adorable when you blush" He pokes my cheeks. I slap his hands away from cheeks.

"Is that a tattoo?" He asked grabbing my wrist. "Yes" I was about too snatch my wrist but his grip tightened. "What does it say?" He asked. "It says 'Always Trust Your Heart, It Always knows What's Best' in cursive" I said. "When'd you get it?" He asked tracing his fingers around the tattoo sending sparks down my spine. "When I was fourteen" I replied. "It was a dare so my parents never saw it since they're never here" I shrugged. "What about that one?" He asked pointing to the dream catcher tattoo on the side of my stomach. "Last year" I replied. "Badass, I see" He says with a grin as he examines my dream catcher tattoo. "Where'd you get the idea from?" He asked. "To be honest Miley Cyrus, I thought it was cute" I replied snatching my wrist away from his grip. "Did you cry?" He asked. "No why would I cry if I wanted it done?" I state.

"Where is Jenson?" I asked. "Getting ready" He replies. "And he was worrying about me being late" I mumbled stuffing a spoon of my yogurt in my mouth.

"Hey, dude stop flirting with my little sister" Jenson says finally coming downstairs. "Hey dude your sister got hot so don't blame me" He says.

"Come on, we wouldn't want to be late on our first day" J ignores the comment and grabbed his keys and was out the door. I climbed into the back and strapped on my seatbelt.

We got to school twenty minutes later. I'm finally a Junior while my brother is a Senior which is surprising with grades like his.

I climbed out the car while the car gets surrounded but the most sluttiest girls in the school.

So I make my way over to Stacie, Hannah, Lola, Samantha and Carmen, my best friends ever. "OMG, Lila" Sam says shocked as she examines me. "Guilty as charge" I smiled. They all gasp and rushed over to hug me. "Chica, if I was a lesbian, I would so do you" Stacie smirks. "Thanks" I laughed. "Why Junior year you change?" Lola asked. "Because I just felt like it, I don't want to be dull and boring my whole life, so yeah' I shrugged. "So yeah" Hannah repeats me. "Yeah, and you have tattoos?" Carmen asked as she examine them. "Yeah, I love tattoos but I'm not going to be tatted up" I respond as we start walking towards the school. "Did they hurt?" Hannah asked. "It does but you can't move because you'll make the person mess up and besides its not as bad like when watch people on videos get it done and they over exaggerate its nothing like that" I said explaining. "I know your parents did not approve of the tattoos so how'd you get them?" Carmen asked. "I had an friend way older than me in her twenties so whenever I go in there she does my tattoos and for free because we've been friends forever" I answer. "Wow, lucky, I want a tattoo, one that symbolizes our friendship" Lola sighs as we turn down the Junior hall where they're handing out schedules. "I can get her to give you one" I said as I get in the line that my last name start with.

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