In the beginning...

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You drove to Avengers Tower, in your slick Mercedes, eager about the night ahead. All your friends there, but you hadn't decided where your heart laid in love just yet. You were also meeting your best friend there, Sky, with her crush, whom you still hadn't met yet. This night was going to be exciting who knows what was going to happen.

I was super thrilled about our huge party tonight, at my star in the sky, which lit up the streets of New York Avengers Tower. No one knew about the secret party game I had planned for tonight, but one thing was for sure, that closet was going to be heated tonight.


I hopped on my motorbike travelling to Avengers tower, travelling through all the ugly and modern buildings, swamped in yellow taxis and bustling people. My thoughts were driven (haha, get it?) to the new avenger. She had y/h, with beautiful and sparkling eyes.I hadn't seen anyone so beautiful apart from my girl, Peggy, whom was still stuck in hospital with fancy machines, old and crippled. What was the girl's name? Ah, y/n, so uplifting. Maybe she would be my new girl. 


I sat in Avengers tower, working on mine and Tony's experiments.

"Hey Bruce my main green raging monster, I'm hosting an AMAZING party here on the main level tonight, all my pals which you call avengers will be there, and maybe that trickster Loki too," Tony said to me, chuckling at his own descriptions. I shivered at the thought of Loki.

"Wait, is y/n gonna be there?" I asked, hopeful and awkward. I wouldn't normally be fussed about Tony's drunken parties, but if y/n was there, it would be a different story.  

"Duh of course! Do you want me to hook you two lovebirds up?" Tony laughed.

"What? No, no, no," I said, my voice getting quieter. I could feel my face go bright red. All my heart was saying was 'yes, yes yes please!' I slowly leaned into my microscope, and smiled.


I sat at the top level of Avengers tower, which was out in the open. I had been bored the last couple of months. No action, no nothing, but maybe this night would turn it around. I had my eyes on y/n for what seemed like infinities, her hair was  beautiful, it astonished me so much. I was hoping she would be there tonight; and as I looked up at the stars, it was like I could almost picture our future together.


Bucky sat in his room. He saw Tony walking past his see through door, his eyes lit up. He thought of you, remembering your name and face. Bucky had had a lot of terrible past memories, but his memories of you lit up his entire thought process. He thought of you all the time, holding onto the memories that he had of you, but he never knew your voice as he had never got up the courage to go and speak to you, as he suffered from a low confidence level, especially when it came to women and relationships. Bucky saw Tony come back the opposite way he came from, and sat in his room.

"Hey Buckster," he laughed.

"Hi..." Bucky whispered in a low and gentle voice. 

"So, there's like no words I have to say to make you go in a different mode for chatting up women?" said Tony. Bucky stayed silent. "No don't worry I was only kidding, but a word of warning, don't try and hook up with y/n. She's mine. You took someone away from me, it seems like I should take away someone from your life, Bucky," Tony snarled at him. He went out the door, Bucky's eyes on sticks.


I sat at Asgard,looking at the horizon and smiling to myself as I thought of her.

"ehehehe," Iquietly laughed to myself.

"I, Loki, will get y/n. She will be my queen of Asgard when I rule, and she will be mine and I will treasure her forever." I smiled "She can't resist me, I've seen her before when she was training to be part of that idiotic team, and I've seen the way she has looked at me." I smiled to myself again, dreaming of her, and seeing her through the clouds, her and our happy times that we shall have together, if my mewling brother doesn't get in the way of my problems again.


While walking around Asgard, I saw my brother, Loki staring into the horizon of my home, Asgard. This was very unusual for him, he wasn't making any noise or causing any trouble, just staring into the distance. This set me off daydreaming as well, about the glorious y/n. The things I would show her, the whole universe, wherever she wanted to go I would take her, and whatever she needed or wanted I would be the one to give it to her. How would I get her to like me though? She hadn't shown any obvious signs of liking anyone at training. She was must be a secretive woman... I like that idea.

Natasha (aka Black Widow)~

She had brought happiness into my life like no other. The way her hair flowed gracefully in the breeze, the way her eyes lit up when I started talking to her. My favorite thing to do was to make y/n laugh. I noticed all the little things that made her the beautiful person she was, for example the way her mouthed curved when she smiled into this amazing shape. Me and y/n have been friends for quite a while, and I want to take it to the next level. I'm a little worried she might not feel the same about me, as we have kept very friendly. This slight worry didn't put me off however. At Tony's party tonight, she would be mine. When I want something, I get it off.

Okay~~~~ Chapter One is done! I hope you liked and sorry it took so long!

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