You Don't See The Resemblance Between You Two?

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Zayn' pov
We have a week off ,so I came home.Needed to be around family before I went on our world tour.
I miss my family,being away is hell.Not seeing my little sister do school plays.Going to take advantage of this week.

"Mum,I'm here."I sat my bags down & walked into the living room to see a purse ,princess blanket & a packed bag.

"Babe ,who's else us here ?"Lucy my girl friend asked ,figured I would bring her along."I have no idea."

"In her zayn."my mum yelled.I guided her into the kitchen."Hello everyone."

My sisters hugged me & I realized Elena was her."Hi my sweetheart,im glad your home."I hugged her,haven't seen Elena since I broke up with her almost three years ago.

"Who's this?"I snapped back into reality ."Oh this is Lucy ,my girl friend.Love this is my mum Trisha,my sisters Saf ,Waliyha & Doni."

"Nice to meet you all."Lucy said"Hi!"the little girl in Elena lap said,have to admit she's a cutie.

"Hi sweetheart.Sorry Luce this is an old friend of mine Elena ,Lena this Luce."Lena held out her hand,"Nice to meet you."


"Um I'm going to give her a bath ,come on babe."Elena got up & took the small girl with her.

"When did Lena have a baby?"I asked ,everyone seemed nervous."Almost three years ago."my mum answered
So she got pregnant right after I left,well damn.

"What's her name?"

"Amina."Doni answered."Hungry?Sit ,eat you two."My mum served us our food,why does everyone seem off ?
Also Amina kinda looks like me.

"How have you been?"

"Good ,wanted to come home before our schedule gets busy."

"Guys going to do Red Nose Day?"Waliyha said/asked
"Yeah ,going there for three or four days.."

It's feels good to have a home cooked meal even thought I was here on Christmas .But I can't get Elena out of my mind.I haven't seen her since I left.Its weird.She was a real sweet heart,I guess a girl version of me but more out spoken.Chilled out ,not over the top.But also like to have fun.It surprised me that she is a
mum,Elena was always good with kids but I thought she would've waited.

She didn't wait that long since her daughter is almost three,speaking of the little girl ,she ran back in here."Night nana ."She kissed my mum on cheek & hugged my sisters.

Wait she said nana ,I looked at my mum who was already looking at me."Come on babe,lets get you back to mummy.She picked Amina up & motioned for me to come with."Nana?"

"Wait."she said sternly ,I kept quite.
We walked into the guest room she & her mum were in.Elena was crying."Lena ,shhh babe."

My mum sat next to her & comfort her.We haven't seen each other in two years but this stills breaks my heart.But I want to no why she's crying."Mumma cryin."Amina walked up to me ,of course I picked the cutie up."Yeah babe."

"You have to tell him."My mum whispered but I heard her."Tell me what?"

"I'll be down stairs ,Lena tell him."
She left the room,I sat next to Elena."I know we haven't seen each in awhile but you can tell me anything Lena."

"Coming from the person who broke up with me right before he left?"

"It was the right choice,I wasn't sure if I was going to make but I was gone for awhile either way we wouldn't have lasted."

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