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I watched as her hips swayed with a rhythm of the loud, popping music. The plastic red cup obviously held beer as it sloshed around with her movements. Her blonde, long waves bobbed around her head in a cascading halo of beauty. She tilted her head back with a gorgeous smile as she laughed a melodic giggle. She took a sip of her untouched drink and gave a heavy swallow as if it pained her as it traveled in a sliver down her throat. The song changed to a faster pace and she threw her arms up into the air, the contents of the beer spilling the substance on them, while her hips moved in a way that made her seem like she wasn't popping it to hard to be noticed, but moved in just ways that told me she was having a good time.

I wove my way through the crowd, the two girls who were clinging to my shoulders groaned in frustration as I pushed them gently, but sternly off. I watched her as I walked, getting angry glares from the people I ran into to. I never took my eyes of her slender form until I made my way to her and tapped her on the shoulder.

The girl turned with a smile that was angelic, "Hello." She said softly. When this girl spoke everything around me melted as if she was drawing my attention span to block out everything but her.

"I'm Tyler, you can call me Ty. May I ask your name?" I said trying to be sweet by drawing her closer as I hushed my voice so she had no choice but to step up closer to me to hear my words. She took that step forward two words into my statement and I instantly had a whiff of the smell of an ocean breeze. Her scent drew me on the edge; it made me want to smash my lips to her perfect, non-makeup covered ones.

She gave me another soft smile that showed a small dimple on her left cheek, her eyes crinkling with pureness, as she spoke in a loving voice, "No."

Her smile faded and she turned around and moved her way through the crowd, ending up dancing to a boy with floppy black hair hanging into his eyes. I just watched, still stunned from her straightforward answer. And when I truly didn't think things could be any worse, a slow beat song blasted through the speakers. My heart sunk as the music suddenly disappeared from my hearing and my center of focus was on the beautiful angel-like girl and the black haired boy. They were tightly pushed together, the boys hand on her hips, her arms snaked around his neck, her flawless cheek resting against his chest as she found my staring eyes and locked them for what seemed like ages. I stared and she stared right back; I didn't know what was making me feel so frozen to the spot until she closed her eyes, breaking our moment and the sound of the slow song pounded back into my ears and the two girls from earlier were tugging on my arms murmuring things like "Let's get out of here."

I don't know what took over me, but a fiery rage burned deep inside my heart, threatening to crack the surface of my cool, laid-back look. I pushed the girls' small hands of my arms and smiled my signature smile giving them an apologetic look with my eyes. I turned back to the embraced couple just as the song ended. The boy kissed her on the lips, but she didn't seem to be kissing back. His eyes were closed while hers were staring straight back at me in a look that shocked me as I noticed it was a glare. She narrowed her eyes one more time before turning away and breaking the kiss, giving the anonymous guy a hug and whispered something into his ear, erupting a smile onto the guys face. She smiled a grin one last time at him before giving him a quick wave and she started pushing her way into the crowd heading for what looked like the exit.

I was able to tear my gaze away from her back and turned back to the dark haired boy who was suddenly swinging an arm around a blond girl in a short black dress. His hand seemed to be resting on the small of her back in a boyfriend/girlfriend gesture. He locked eyes with her before taking his hand off and mumbled something incoherent to my eyes as he turned around and headed to the back exit. I saw his dark hair disappear as he dispersed into the crowd of busily dancing bodies.

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