I Didn't Hit You I Simply High-Fived Your Face!

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Robert is a jerk at school, he thinks he is being a big joker but he isn't , he actually hit a boy in the face and said "I DIDN'T HIT HIM I SIMPLY HIGH-FIVED HIS FACE" but the boy was crying and went to tell the teacher. Robert went running to his best friend Anthony and started acting like nothing even happened. 

after school Anthony went to Robert's house.

they sat on their laptops supposedly doing their homework.

 "i think your mom is going to be mad for not doing your homework" Anthony said looking at the door afraid of Robert's mother.

"just forget about it i'll do it later" Robert said with a funny face.

"well I'm doing my home work i don't want a big F on my paper work, you know how Mr.Micheal is very strict" Anthony said looking at Robert.

    Next morning Robert and Anthony headed to class together, Robert gave the teacher his paper work before Anthony.

"how did you get an A?" the teacher asked Robert.

obviously Robert copied Abby's paper

"well i studied the whole day yesterday and never ever played on my laptop" Robert had a wide smile plastered on his face.

"well i think you copied someone, and that someone was a smart person" the teacher said angrily 

"WHAT HE COPIED MY PAPER?" Abby said with a loud voice

"no i didn't"  he said.

the teacher went back to his desk

while Mr.Michael wasn't looking Robert hit Abby in the face.

"Mr.Michael Robert hit me in the face" Abby said crying out loud

"ROBERT!! WHY DID YOU HIT HER IN THE FACE?"Mr.Michael said very angry

"i didn't hit her i simply HIGH-FIVED HER FACE!" Robert said shouting at the teacher.

"go to the office right now mister!" Mr.Michael said

"no." Robert said

"no?" Mr.Michael said with sign of being surprised 

"GO RIGHT NOW OR I'LL BRING THE PRINCIPLE HERE THEN, no one moves or else you'll be in trouble!" he said with a very very angry face.

Robert passed Abby a note saying:

   meet you after school at 3:15 and don't miss >:(

she crumbled the note and faced the board nervously.

after four minutes the principle came in calling Robert.

"Robert,Robert Robert why are you doing this? i know everything, Mr.Michael has told me every single detail and i want you in my office right now" the principle said with a strict tone.

Robert followed the principle. before they left  the principle assured the teacher that he will deal with it.

"so why are you being rude to Mr.Michael?" he asked with a wondering face.

"well i didn't do anything, i hit her by accident and after that i apologized, but she doesn't forgive me and plus i wasn't rude to the teacher, he doesn't believe that i got an A so i had to do something i couldn't just stand there doing nothing so i shouted because i did get an A" Robert insisted.

"well i'm sorry but you need to apologize to Mr.Michael. you should behave or you'll be suspended for the rest of the year" the principle said "okay?"

"OK" Robert answered sighing "and whats your name again? sorry i forgot"

"its okay" the principle said "and my name is Mr.Alex"

"okay thank you, ill be leaving right now" Robert said with a big smile Mr.Alex smiled back.

next morning Robert sat quitely while anthony tried starting a conversation but failed.

"what did the principle tell you?" Anthony asked Robert.

Robert was still quite and didn't answer Anthony's question.

Anthony asked again "whats wrong are you mad or something?"

but still he didn't talk.

 they arrived at school and Robert was actually serious about his homework that day and gave it to Mr.Michael.

"well did you copy or study?" he asked.

"i studied sir" Robert  answered with respect.

"well I'm surprised" Mr.Michael said really really surprised.

Robert went to sit at his desk quietly and listened to the teacher without any jokes or notes or other disturbances.

at night Anthony came by Robert's house and they finished their homework and Anthony kept looking at Robert and asked.

"you are acting weird today, and don't you always play on your laptop all the time???" Anthony asked frowning .

next day at school Robert went to school really early and every boy he hit had a chance to hit him back he just ignored them and went to his class.

after 3 Weeks he had enough and started his jokes again with the kids. 

               THE        END

by:salma2424                                                                                         thank you.

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