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The place is so quiet, you can hear your heart.
The sun's shining, luminating and dividing the lights apart.
Flowers, grasses and plants are everywhere.
It's so nice, you just want to be stuck in there.

This place is so simple yet seems to be perfect.
Just the thought, everthing you can create.
Being here can make you in a state of bliss.
It can create a magical world just like a kiss.

Ponds, lakes and rivers are clear just like a crystal.
Going away in this place can make you fatal.
It can bring you a felicity that you have never known before.
That's it! Stay here forever!

How about you, what's your definition of your own paradise?
Heyyyyyy!!! I'm back ^_^ sorry for the late upload and also I'm sorry for giving you a poem like this :3 I can't think of any topic so yeah... Thank you for reading :)

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