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Snowkit, the one who forgets, will face something worse than death. He forgot who he was, but soon, soon, he will remember.

"Snowkit! Stop, or else something bad will happen!" Snowkit's eyes were completely black, darkness seamed to leak from his skin. At this point Snowkit could no longer hear Stormfire.

"Stormfire!" Molecloud called for him, "What do we do?"

   "Fight." Molecloud leaped forwards to Firestar. Grabbing for the throat, the heat started to overwhelm her, but then she felt the fire bend to her will, and she created a huge explosion taking 20% of the corruption out. Birdclaw jumped forward almost being hit by a corrupted fox, but she dodged and she jumped with such shear force she beheaded the fox. Stealthheart ran to battle fighting a group of the corrupted. Stealthheart was almost bit in the throat but she jumped out of the way in time and waited in the trees for her next move. Stormfire dashed for Snowkit.

   "Snap out of it!" Stormfire was pushed back by the corruption. "Snap out of it!" Tears formed in Snowkit's eye, for in a brief moment Snowkit remembered.

   "Stormfire! Set me free!" After he said these words he immediately reverted back to the dark Snowkit. 

   "Snowkit!" Tears formed in Stormfire's eyes. "I can't!" Snowkit leaped forward. Struggling Snowkit leaped to the highest rock and sat down. Stormfire looked up at Snowkit. Tears were falling from Snowkit, who was peacefully smiling.

   "Goodbye, everyone." Snowkit turned and jumped into the sky. "Banish me Starclan!" Snowkit dissipated from the sky. The corruption fell off the cats and animals. The clouds spiraled down intensely, a bright light shown. 

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