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I jumped off to the ground, then looking around the area I am in. Turns out I'm in the area with the tables, usually for us to hangout outside and eat. At the back was the school field and far back were the bleachers.
I looked at Nick, who was looking at the police cars in the school parking lot, the sirens exploding my ears.

"So umm.. what do we do next..?" I asked him.
"Dunno. Don't care." he shrugged.

"Ugh whatever you piece of shit." I grumbled under my breath as he turned around and looked at me.
"Hey! That's rude!"
"Well sorry, crybaby." I said as I walked away to the front parking lot.
"Okay okay wait!!" I felt a wind breeze past me and saw him tight front of me.

"Umm how did you do that?" I asked him, crossing my arms.

"Umm did what" he said, hiding something.
"Come on you know what you did." I did a death glare. I tapped my foot waiting for an answer.
"Yanno what, I'll explain later okay? Here's my number." He pulled one of his student cards from his pocket and gave it to me.

"Thanks." I said and rushed home.

I closed the door to my room, jumped on the bed and looked at the clock.
4:25 pm.
I unlocked my phone and pulled out Nick's student card from my pocket. I typed in his number and saved it to my contacts.

I opened whatsapp and started chatting with him.


I waited a few seconds as my phone vibrates. Message from Nick.

hey..you said you wanted to talk?

I thought for a while.

meet me at the park tomorrow. I'm pretty sure the school will be closed due to what happened today.

i can't tomorrow, i have to go to the hospital to check on my uh sister. she's sick.

oh okay then, when can u talk?

anytime after that.

let's just see until when the school is closed.


I closed my phone and went off to shower.

I changed to some sweatpants and a pink cotton sweater. I lay on my bed and thought.

What was the smoke about anyway?

I never knew magic existed in this world.. or it does.. but God only shows it at some certain places...

Maybe it was just some silly dream or something..or I was hallucinating.

My mind drifted away as I slept in peace.

Or not.


I woke up.
It was currently 4 am. I have no idea why i wake up this early.

I rubbed my eyes and wore my glasses and opened my laptop. I saw an email sent and it was the school. The school is going to be closed tomorrow and the following week due to the unknowned event that happened.

Yes, more time to myself.

All of a sudden, I felt a sudden shock of pain on my chest.

"Shit!" I screamed and held on the table. I couldn't breathe.

I heard an evil laughter.

Wait a minute.

"Sc-Scar-Scarlet??" I called out her name. No answer.

I quickly went back to bed and covered myself up with blankets.

"Soon you will pay for this."

I tried to sleep.

"Sleep, Chloe. Sleep." I heard a voice say. My heart beating against the bedsheets. Eventually, my mind relaxed and went off to sleep.


Then, I woke up.
Oka,okay calm down Chloe. That was just a dream, right?

This time it's 7:25. I got up and took a shower. I wore a white shirt and black shorts, along with a denim jacket.

I then told Scarlet to find us a place out to eat or I'll starve to death.

As soon as we went to a cafe a few blocks away from our house, we went to eat some sandwiches.

"Man, I'm pregnant." Scarlet burped as I laughed.
"Me too, me too." I said as I started hallucinating. A strong wind passed us as the door opened.

"Chlo, you okay?" Scarlet waved a hand at me.

"......Oh what? Yeah, yeah, I'm fine, I think I didn't sleep well last night cause, yeah whatever. Can we go home?" I asked. I didn't want to tell her what happened last night. Either I was dreaming, or that was real. But really, if felt real.

"Sure, sure. Let's go." Scarlet hopped off her seat as we paid and went out the door.

As we got out, the wind was pretty chilly as I shivered and rubbed my hands together to create warmth.

"Why is it so cold? It's supposed to be hot since it's summer right?" I asked Scarlet shakily as I bit my lip to stop myself from shaking.

"Yeah.. I don't know. But, I don't really feel that cold. I think you're sick." Scarlet opened her white purse to pull out her car keys as we hopped in.

"I guess... but I think it's something related to-"

"Chloe, if it's something related to Clovis, stop. It doesn't exist okay." Scarlet rolled her eyes.

"But..you're the one convincing me about all this-"

"Well, I'm not up to it anymore." Scarlet said rudely.

"Scarlet, what's wrong?"

She stayed silent.

"C'mon Scarlet, just tell me."

Still silent.I became even more concerned about her. I don't know what is going on in that soundless mind of hers.


"I JUST MISS MY FAMILY OKAY?!" She screamed and cracked her voice. I was surprised. She never, I mean never, screamed like this ever since I knew her. I didn't know how to react with that


"Can't you see? Wait.. I haven't told you didn't I?" She asked.

I shook my head.

Scarlet sighed. "Do you want to know?"

"It's up to you if you want to tell me or not."

She took a deep breath.

"Okay, I'll tell you."

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