Chapter 17

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(Kais P.O.V)She was sleeping in bed while I call my mom to tell her what happened (AFTER LE PHONE CALL) I go back to the bed room to see her sleeping on a pillow I chuckle and move next to her she immanently cuddles in my chest and clutches my flannel I start to attempt to make a braid with her hair whoops well she is ganna be pissed I rub her back and tell her I love her I didn't know she sleep talks intil now she started to mumble somthing about taco bell and dunkin dunuts I laugh quietly she roles over on top of me I smile because honestly she is the light at the end of the tunnel and I can't picture myself with out her I was getting up to go change out of hospital clothes when Taylor screamed IM A GUMMY BAIR O YES A GUMMY BEAR O IM A MOVEING GROVING GUMMY BEAR O WOOOW I laugh and change when I come out,..........To be continued

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