Chapter 1: First Day!

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Hey! It's me :),miss author. This is my first ever story! Enjoy! :)

Micha's POV:

"Michaaaa!!!!" , I heard my mom's voice.

Nag unat ako ng konti at dun ko na na pag tanto na this is my first day as a high school student. A lot of questions bothering me. One of those is the question, 'how is high school life? Isn't it exciting? Boring? Or I'll just chose to become a loner? Hmmm. By the way, instead of keep on thinking those things, I just took a bath and prepared my self for the school. I don't anybody on that school kasi kakalipat lng namin dito last month. I think mahihirapan akong mag adjust.

"Micha, Kumain ka na! Malalate ka na!" And there she go. My mom shouted again.

"Yes ma! I'm coming." I answered her. I prepared everything and went downstairs.

"Ma,where's dad?"
"He had leave early for a business trip."
"Ow. :( He didn't tell me about that. " I said sadly.
"I'm sorry honey. It was an emergency trip." My mom told me while rubbing my back,trying to comfort me.
I just continue eating as fast as I can. Nagpaalam na ako kay mommy and off,I go. I was sad because my father was not able to send me to school on my first day. By the way, I was not able to introduce my self first. I'm Michaela Jane Perez. 12 years old. And a Grade 7 student. I am an only daughter. My dad owns a company name "The Perez Corporation" its all about foods.

Here I am now. Standing in the front of a big school and wearing my mini skirt checkered uniform with a long sleeve shirt and a big and long necktie.

I just continue walking and try to find my classroom since I was on 7-A. The first section ,probably.

Jay's POV:
As I was entering the gate,someone's caught my attention. I know she's new here. I'm Kimael Jay Balbuena. I'm 13 years old. And I'm not new here. I graduated at Green Academy. While I was trying to find my room I saw her. My first and the only girl who broke my heart.

"Hey Jay!" And with that she waved at me. 
It's her. Kylie Claire Cruz. The woman I loved and The woman who hurts me.

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