Chapter 1

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"Bye Niall..." said Sarah as she turned around and walked away with tears coursing down her cheeks. "Sarah!! Please forgive me,give me one last chance. Please,please don't leave.." I cried out for her but only get a mumbled 'NO'. I saw her running as fast as her body could take her. I chased after her but within seconds,she disappeared into thin air, leaving me alone.

My eyelids flashed open and I finally realise it was a dream. I was scared about it because it felt so real. What the fuck was I thinking oh my gosh. I groaned and sat up,hitting myself with my puffy pillow and knocking myself on the wall. I was so pissed off but suddenly I heard Zayn whine.

"What is wrong with you?" Zayn asked, his speaking a bit slurry. Did he just came back from the club and in a drunk state? He's still wearing yesterday's shirt and he's blurry. "Nothing, nothing at all," I replied bluntly. "Then what's with the annoying thuds,groans and banging?" Zayn smirked.

I shook my head in disgust and slammed Zayn's face to lay him down. He may be my bestfriend, but oh sure he is so dirty-minded and sometimes I have to beat him for nothing. Hey, best friends aren't best friends if they don't hurt and state rude remarks towards each other right?

I looked at the clock on the wall which shows 03 45. Sighing, I got out of bed and went downstairs to the kitchen. I grabbed a glass and poured milk in it. I gulped it down,yes i gulp because I have a very big mouth to do that. Taking a few fruits from the bowl,forget it. I took the whole bowl and sat on the sofa,thinking about the upcoming concert we are having in the next two days.

Sarah's POV

I sobbed, wait wrong word. I moaned as I opened my eyes with sunlight shining in my eyes. My alarm just went off 30 minutes ago but I snoozed it. I sat up lazily, rubbing my eyes and smiled when i saw the poster pasted on the wall in front of me. I kissed each member of One Direction, a little bit longer for the Irish princess and dragged myself to the toilet. Nahhh,just kidding. I laid back on the bed,closing my eyes until my mum shouted.

"GET YOUR ASS IN THE TOilET! ELIZ iS H-" mum shouted,

"I'M HOMEEEE!!!" Eliz,my best friend, interrupted . I swear both of them are my second alarm.

I groaned loudly and shouted "SHUT UP I'M HAVING A BEAUTY SLEEP!!!"

I heard footsteps from the stairs coming nearer to my bedroom. Before I could ask Eliz to knock on the door,she bursted into my room with disgusted look on her face while she eyed me from my head to toe.

"I KNOW, I KNOW. I smell like shit and my hair is like a bird nest. My attire is crumpled and my eyes are small and tired with eyebags underneath it due to the amount of sleep i sleep. I'm not wearing a bra but you always see me like this," I said bluntly, getting an agree head nod from Eliz.

I dragged my feet on the ground but eventually got tired so I dramatically fall down on the floor and drag myself on the floor to the toilet. I may look like an idiot but who cares it's just in front of Eliz who practically see me like this everytime.

I stripped off my clothes and stepped into my bathtub and let the shower drown me. I sang out Drag Me Down while shampooing my hair with my strawberry-flavoured shampoo. Washing my hair, I then sat on the bathtub and thought about life. Actually,no. I mean I thought about how good Niall's mouth tasted as we kissed hungrily. Suddenly I felt as if I'm seriously kissing somebody.

I licked that someone's tongue(probably Niall though.Dreams may come true) and when I opened my eyes, I found myself licking my soap. I screamed hysterically and kept on washing my mouth with water. I quickly got out of the bathroom, still able to taste some amount of soap. UGH OMYGOSH HELP ME

I picked out a long black sleeve shirt that says 'I'M LAZY TO DRESS UP' and put on my skinny jeans. I decided to choose a golden-black boots to match the colour of the streaks on my hair. I curled my hair and only put a small amount of foundation on my face, with a black lipstick and puckered my lips to even out the amount of lipstick.

I look myself at the mirror and compliment myself "YOU LOOK SEXY AND HOT SARAH.*winking at myself*," "11 12 I pull off black so well" I sang. Gosh I love Melanie so much. She's creepy as hell but hella cool fuck why can't I be like her.

I took my black purse and my iPhone on my study table and walked out of my room. I walked with such sassiness and kept on stopping to pose my beautifulness, imagining paparazzi taking photos of me.

I bowed down,too low that I accidentally fall and rolled down my stairs. "ow ow ow ow" I cried everytime i rolled down each stair. I heard a bunch of laughter coming from the kitchen. I rolled my eyes at that and went to the kitchen.

"Yeah well you guys laugh instead of helping me," I huffed in annoyance. My head was pounding so hard I wanted to cry.

"Mum,can you give me $50? Please please please pretty please!!!!" I pouted and gave her the cute face. After much bickering, I won and I finally received my $50. I gave my mum a kiss on the cheek and hug her while saying "Goodbye".

Eliz and I went out of my house and ride her Audi car to the shopping mall. We are getting stuffs for our posters that we will bring to the One Direction concert. We already bought the tickets which is the front row of the concert. We went to a shop and bought a cardboard(pretty ones) ,markers,glues,scissors and other stuff.

We went back to Eliz's house and I greeted her parents. I gave Mrs Walker a very tight hug because I never met her for such a long time while she struggles to breath AHAHHAHA IM EVIL QUEEN. OH WAIT THAT MEANS IM MALEFICENT MUAHAHAHAHA. After that,we went up to the attic since it's much more quieter. Normally attics are haunted and dirty but Eliz's is clean and decorated with I don't know what. We then started decorating our posters.

Hi guys. This is my first ever book that I wrote and hopefully you guys love it. I've been procastinating to write this story because I'm scared if my story is not that nice but yeah I finally got the courage. Thank you for reading:))

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