~Chapter 2~ (Part 2)

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I reached up for her breast, and rubbed the erect nipple, getting more and more moans out of her. I smirked on her lips as she kissed me. I reached down to her panties, and rubbed her through the fabric. She gasped, and moaned. "St-stop." She whimpered the reached for my undies pulling them down and once again kicking them away. I kissed up her neck, and slipped my fingers into her panties, slowly pulling them down. She ripped her panties, annoyed with the fact that I was pulling them down to slow. "Please just hurry up." She breathed. So I did what she said. I thrusted into her without any warning what so ever, causing her to scream. I thrusted in her slowly, just to annoy her, and make her beg. It worked.

"M-more pl-lease. Just go f-fast-er." She breathed. I picked up my pace, a little, then slammed into her causing her to throw back her head, grip my back, and scream out in pleasure.

After a while, I started to get this strange feeling in my gut. Then it happened. I came. She did too. She screamed out my name, and that is what took me over the edge. Hearing her scream my name felt amazing.


After a we rested I walked her home. I said goodbye and so did she, but not before she pecked me on the cheek and ran inside.

I turned and walked away not even fazed by the kiss. We had stop several times along to way to make out.

When I got outside of my house I saw my Master standing at the fence, leaning on it. "Wha-what are you doing here, Master?" I asked.

"Where have you been?" He asked. Oh no, he knew. He knew what I had done. I'd be in serious trouble. He was going to punish me big time...

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