The Happiness of Babies {2nd Book of the LWT Series}

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After Delia's birth to Jessica, everything is fabulous... almost fabulous...

Charley's baby is due in a week and they don't even have a name for it while she also moved back in for the babies sake. Zayn and Perrie are now engaged and expecting there first born. 

Matthew and Delia moved out with Carly and Jessica, Lexi also moved out into the big house. Noor and Niall have been getting closer, going out whenever they can. Louis came back but continues to keep to himself while Liam and Danielle are still living in the house with Maddi.

Everything is just fabulous!

Follow Charley's adventures on starting a new happy little family with a couple twist and turns in The Happiness of Babies!

The Happiness of Babies {2nd Book of the LWT Series}Where stories live. Discover now