Her Guardian Angels

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They watched from the shadows at the girl with the dimmed green eyes and matted pink hair, who trembled as tears leaked out of her once shimmering eyes.

Dried blood caked her skin from open, infected cuts.

Their eyes narrowed ,one by one, in disgust at the large black and blue bruises littering her body, which was barely covered by her ripped-to-shreds articles of clothing.

"Konoha has always been corrupt." one spoke,the shadows making his sharingan glow.

Her head snapped up quickly.

"W-w-what do yo-ou w-want?" she whispered, her voice hoarse and cracking.

"Why does the pretty girl look so sad and scared senpai?" another asked, cocking his gead to the side, "Tobi doesn't like it!"

They would have found the way her eyes widened humorous if the situation had been different.

She couldn't hold in her whimper as the leader, Pein, regarded her with soft, almost tender rinnegan eyes.

He held his hand out to her as the other Akatsuki members stepped out into the open.

"Let us help you.We can give you ehat your village took from you."

Sakyra Haruno let her gaze fearfully, almost shyly travel over the most feared organization in the country.

"W-what?" she choked out through continous tears.

Konan spoke softly, "We can give you friends, even family, your cobfidence, your self-esteem,your happiness,but most importantly, a home."

"Why?" she whispered, coughing up blood when she moved too much, "I don't deserve it, I'm weak and useless..."

Madara stepped up towards Sakura ob the opposite side of Pein and held a hand out.

"Tobi wants Angel-chan to give us a chance!" Tobi exclaimed, earning everyone's agreement for once.

Using Madara and Pein's help to stand, she limped closer, managing to give the bright smile with glittering emerald eyes that she always used to have.

"Okay, I'll give you a chance..." Sakura nodded slowly, "Thank you."


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