A Groatsworth of Wit Bought with a Million of Repentance

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bought with a million of Repentance.

Describing the folly of youth, the falsehood of make-shift

flatterers, the misery of the negligent, and mischiefs of

deceiving Courtesans.

Written before his death and published at his dying request.

Fœlicem fuisse infaustum.


Imprinted for William Wright.


The printer to the gentle readers.

I Have published here Gentlemen for your mirth and benefit

Greene's groat's worth of wit. With sundry of his pleasant

discourses, ye have been before delighted: But now hath death

given a period to his pen: only this happened into my hands which

I have published for your pleasures: Accept it favourably because

it was his last birth and not least worth: In my poor opinion. But

I will cease to praise that which is above my conceit, and leave

itself to speak for itself: and so abide your learned censuring.

Yours W. W.

To the Gentlemen Readers.

Gentlemen. The Swan sings melodiously before death, that in

all his life useth but a jarring sound. Greene though able enough

to write, yet deeplier searched with sickness than ever

heretofore, sends you his Swan like song, for that he fears he

shall never again carol to you wonted love lays, never again

discover to you youths pleasures. How ever yet sickness, riot,

incontinence, have at once shown their extremity, yet if I

recover, you shall all see, more fresh sprigs, then ever sprang

from me, directing you how to live, yet not dissuading ye from

love. This is the last I have writ, and I fear me the last I shall

write. And how ever I have been censured for some of my former

books, yet Gentlemen I protest, they were as I had special

information. But passing them, I commend this to your favourable

censures, and like an Embryo without shape, I fear me will be

thrust into the world. If I live to end it, it shall be otherwise:

if not, yet will I commend it to your courtesies, that you may as

well be acquainted with my repentant death, as you have lamented

my careless course of life. But as Nemo ante obitum felix, so Acta

Exitus probat: Beseeching therefore to be deemed hereof as I

deserve, I leave the work to your likings, and leave you to your



IN an Island bounded with the Ocean there was sometime a City

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