"Remus, my old friend. Have you taken your potion tonight?" Sirius went up to Lupin and held onto him tightly. Lupin was panting like a dog, he was losing control of his transformation. There was no way Sirius could stop him from turning into a werewolf.

Harry, Hermione, and I grabbed Ron while Peter was whimpering with fear. Sirius was still trying to control Lupin.

"You know the man you truly are, Remus! The heart is where you truly live!" Sirius shouted.

Lupin dropped his wand and Peter grabbed it. Just as he was about to cast a spell on the two of them, Harry stopped him. "Expelliarmus!"

The wand flew out of his hand and he shot his eyes at us. Harry still had his wand pointed at him, but all Peter did was give him a smirk and a wave goodbye, transforming back into a rat. His outfit fell to the ground and he found his way out through the clothes. Harry and I were about to go after him, but Hermione stopped us, letting Peter Pettigrew get away.

We watched Lupin turn into a werewolf, his claws coming out and his howl growing louder. The back of his shirt ripped open and his face was no longer his face. We all backed away from them, shocked at what we were seeing.

"Run! Run!" Sirius warned us. But with Ron's injured leg, we wouldn't be fast enough to outrun the werewolf. Once Lupin was fully transformed, he threw Sirius off of him, letting him fall. We knew we couldn't go save him, but it was sure tempting to go after him.

"Come on," Harry said as we were pulling Ron on each side.

But Hermione wanted to stay. "Wait. Wait."

"Hermione! Bad idea. Bad idea," Ron whimpered.

Ron kept on repeating that over and over again in a whisper. Hermione was walking slowly towards Lupin, even though we all knew it was a terrible idea. Hermione may have been the brightest witch of our age, but what she was doing right now was not the smartest thing to do. Especially because she was walking towards a werewolf.

"Professor?" Hermione asked carefully. Nothing happened. He just stood there, whimpering like a little puppy.

"Professor Lupin?" Hermione tried again. Once he looked at Hermione, he busted a loud howl that echoed throughout the entire castle grounds. Hermione backed away with us and we all held onto Ron tightly.

"Nice doggy. Nice doggy!" Ron whimpered once again. Poor Ron. I wondered how he got into Gryffindor. Maybe it was a Weasley thing.

Suddenly, Snape came right at us, grabbing Harry by the shirt, unaware of the evil werewolf behind him. "There you are, Potter!" he said. But he was interrupted by Lupin's growl. He turned around and stood in front of us. The wolf raised his sharp paw at us but then fell to the ground by another dog. It was Sirius.

We all fell on the ground, followed by Hermione's scream and Lupin's roar. The two growled at each other and fought each other with Sirius trying to keep Lupin away from us. After Sirius bit him, he took off in the other direction with Lupin following behind him.

"Sirius!" I shouted. I ran after them with Harry right behind me.

"Come back here, you two!" Snape demanded us. But we ignored him and watched as the two dogs fought each other again. Lupin was winning the fight while Sirius was getting weaker and weaker by every swing. I ran after them again, but this time I was the one that did something stupid. I threw a rock at the wolf. And that got his attention.

I backed away, almost falling over, but Harry caught me in time and held onto me tightly. We panted very fast, hoping he wouldn't attack us. And just our luck, another werewolf howl cried from a distant. That howl made the wolf go after it and he ran off into the night.