Chapter One

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Your POV -

" Yn, can you be a darling and go answer the door? " My boss called out loud enough so I could hear him.

I quickly rose to my feet and ran towards the door. I unlocked it. Ray's friends stood among me with girls by there side.

" Good Afternoon , Ray's out by the court. " I greeted them.

" Thanks " A boy with a huge curly afro called out after me. They all walked past me and headed to the back.

" Yn ! " Ray called out. I walked out to the court. " Do you mind getting us some drinks? Tell her what you want."

I took there orders and headed to the kitchen. I just made one trip. I came back with there drinks and handed their drinks to all of them one by one but I accidentally spilled a little bit of the drink on the last girl.

" Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry!" I apologized.

" No bitch watch what your doing next time. " She yelled throwing the drink at me making it spill all over me.

I looked down at my clothes embarrassed. I walked into the house and heard a voice calling after me. I didn't answer because I knew that wasn't the sound of Ray's voice and I just wanted to change my clothes.

I made it up to my room and took my shirt and pants of throwing it in the hamper. My friends tell me I have a " Million Dollar Body " or " A body to die for " but I don't see it. I walked over to my dresser and began searching for a shirt to wear. " Yn " I jumped up and turned around. I saw one of Ray's friends standing at my door. I quickly remember I only had on had on my Bra & Panties and quickly put on a random tee shirt.

" Yes? " I questioned.

" Uh, I just wanted to see if you were alright.A - Are you okay?" He stuttered over his words a bit. It was really cute.

" I'm fine, thanks for asking. "

" I'm Chresanto by the way. " He said walking toward's me. " Or you could call me Roc. " Now he was centimeters away. His breath smelt amazing. He looked jaw dropping. He has light brown eyes, short curly hair, light pink plump lips. His teeth were just perfect. I just loved his face. He smiled at me.

" I know I just met you but, can i hug you?" He smiled.

" Sure. " I smiled back. He wrapped his arms around my lower waist and i wrapped my arms around his neck. He smelled amazing. I just felt safe. I let go.

" I guess I'll see you around. " I smiled

" I really hope I see you too. " He winked and walked out. I sat on my bed trying to replay the fact that he cared enough to ask if i was okay. Why did he want a hug? I mean I'm not attractive at all. Beside's he has a girlfriend. Why do i ever care. I got stuff to clean.

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