A Summary of the Twilight Series (in two minutes)

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Bella moves to forks. Bella and Edward fall in love. Edward sparkles. Bad vampires try to drink Bella's blood -DUHN DUHN DUHN. Edward saves Bella, YEAH! They go to the dance. 

New Moon:

Bella is a klutz and Jasper tries to drink her blood. The Cullens leave. Bella is depressed for several months. Bella starts hanging out with Jacob. Alice shows up to say that Edward is in danger. Alice and Bella go to Italy and save Edward. Edward sparkles again.The Cullens come home.


Edward and Jacob fight over Bella. Edward proposes.  Victoria returns with her evil vampire army. The werewolves and vampires come together and beat Victoria. They graduate.The Vulteri or Vultturi or whatever the heck their called show up and do nothing worth mentioning.

Breaking Dawn:

 Bella and Edward get married. Jacob runs away. Bella and Edward go to an island and get it on. Bella gets pregnant. Jacob comes back. Renesmee is born. Jacob imprints on Renesme (pedophile much?) Bella is turned into a vampire. They gather an army to fight against the Vultori. The Vulteria run away. Everything is good. 

 So basically the twilight series promotes depression, turning your back on your friends, and teen pregnancy. 

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