All Is Fair In Love And War

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 Okay, so it's my first story and I hope you guys like it so far.


Enjoy! :)


I stand at the bathroom door and pound my fist against it. “Claire! I have to use the bathroom, too!” I hear her stumble towards the door.

  “Sorry, sorry!” She laughs, her face fresh and clean, free of make up at the moment. “I’m just so excited for our first day as seniors!”

  We squeal and jump, my red nails flicking her pink ones. She flips back her blonde hair that falls in waves on her shoulders and back. My sister and best friend, there’s nothing else to say. She is my opposite in every way. Depending on our constantly changing styles, we manage to stay different than the other. We have more personality than anyone you’ll meet. Today, we start the world as seniors. Next year, we’re going to two, totally different colleges. She is going to a school that supports her academic achievements, and I am going to school that supports my interest in the arts. We anticipate the day we separate and gain lives of our own. Still supporting each other, of course, we are just going to be able to have our own families and our own jobs. I can’t wait to see what we would become in the world outside of high school.

  I scrub my hair and rinse out the soapy foam out as I plan out the day ahead of me: Who I was going to sit with, what I was going to wear, what seat I would sit in classes, and what I would eat for lunch. With my plan formulated, I slip out of the shower and into an Aerosmith shirt, skinny jeans, and black converse. I run my fingers through my dark hair and pull it up into a sloppy bun, where the strands of my hair stick out in curly springs. I apply darker make up, but keep it drawn with a light hand.

  I bounce down the stairs; my iPod blaring the music at full volume. Claire nimbly picks at her strawberry pop tart and gingerly sips her Pepsi. “Nervous?” I ask, pulling out a blueberry pop tart of my own.

  “How can you eat on a day like this?” She sighs and pops a bite into her mouth.

  I make a face and say, “Because I don’t want to sit in class all morning daydreaming about hamburgers and fries.” I take a gulp of Coke and laugh when she gets my point and stuffs the food in her mouth.

  Jay walks down the stairs and makes himself some cereal but, just ends up staring at it. “Okay, what’s wrong?” I put down my Coke in front of him a little too hard and brown soda spills on the table beside his bowl.

  “I’m going to high school, what do you think?”

  “Being a freshman isn’t that bad, it will be worse though, if you’re shy all year.” Claire points out.

  He scoffs, “Says the two most loved girls at school.”

  Claire and I exchange looks. “What’s not to like?” We say in unison.

  He shakes his head, but we pull a faint smile at him. “You two,” He points his spoon at us accusingly, “Are a mess.”

  We shrug and finish our breakfast. “So, who’s driving Sally?” I ask.

  “Well, I don’t feel like driving right now… How about I drive home and you drive us there.”

  “Works for me, Jay gets to pick out the music though.”

  He makes a sound of satisfaction at my proposition and grins. “Little brother finally gets some respect!”

  We laugh as Mom walks into the room in heels, her arms full of papers. “Good morning!” She says sleepily. She grabs her coffee and kisses us all on the cheek. “Love you!”

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