The Legend of Herobrine

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I am going to tell you the story of Herobrine. He is my brother. Notch created us both for his game Minecraft, although I was his favorite, me being Steve. Herobrine always worked in his lab, trying to find a way that people could never die, fly, and have unlimited resources. He called it 'Creative'. He worked in his iron block lab all day an night deep in mine. Coincidentally, one night, I was mining and spotted a diamond above me. I mined it and found an iron block above it. Excited, I mined it without thinking. Out fell Herobrine into the lava. Notch suddenly appeared and grinned evilly at Herobrine. Herobrine's eyes glowed with hatred. When he respawned, he had his 'Creative' mode on and his eyes still glowing. I later found out Notch stole the idea of creative and took credit for it. Notch now haunts innocent people in Minecraft and blames it on Herobrine. He is now a legend, believed by many to be either fake, other a murderer.

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