Chapter 2: Planned I think!

       "Danielle I know this is a bad Idea but we should walk in and try to let Louis see-"

"OR we should go to the Lads Flat and ask for help?" Danielle questions

 "Your RIGHT!" I grabbed Dani's wrist and started running to there Flat

 When we made it was was pounding on the door wanting in!

   "HOLD ON!" I hear Harry shout as he opens the door

"Oh Hi El and Dani?" He say embarrassed a Little

 "can we come in" Danielle says as she looks through the door way hoping to spot Liam

   "SURE!" Harry excitedly says me and Dani Run in and sit on the couch

"So what's up and why is El here isn't she suppose to be with Louis" Harry questions just then Liam, Niall and Zayn walk in and Dani runs over and jumps into Liam's arms

 "Babe!" Danielle says as she kissed Liam passionately

"G-E-T-A-R-O-O-M" Niall and Zayn spell out

   "Anyways that is the Problem Harry" I answer his is question from earlier

"What" He ask

  "One of your 'Fans' stole my looks" I explain his eyes widen and started to Panic

       "LOUIS IS  WITH A FAN, PROBABLY A CRAZED ONE!!!" Harry panics I slowly nod, trying to let him process it.

   "What are we going to do?" I ask Harry 

"I DON'T KNOW BUT WE MUST SAVE BOO BEAR" Harry says he garbs my wrist and runs out the hotel

  "Harry do you even know where we are going" I exclaim he let's go and stops

"Oh where is he"

 "Starbucks" his moods lights ups and he grabs a hold of my arm again as we run to Starbucks I notice that they kiss each other once more before poser walks into the bathroom

  "Harry give me your beanie"

"WHY" I frown and snatch it off his head I run in look down trying not to let Louis notice me as soon as I passed there table and ran into the girls bathroom I spotted the poser fixing her make up with a huge smirk on her face

   "YOU!!!" I shout making her head snap towards my direction

"Oh look who it is the Real B*tchy Eleanor Calder" She says putting her hand on her hip

   "You snobby fan what do you think stealing a persons I identity is a fun and games well guess what sweet cheeks it not" I snap slapping her across the face making Louis run in my eyes widen and I pull the beanie down to where my eyes weren't showing

   "WHAT'S GOING ON IN HERE" Louis exclaims looking at me and poser

"L-Louis your fan she just walked in began slapping me and she called me a B-B*tch" Poser calls out crying

   "I want you out NOW!" Louis yells making me flinch fresh tears began falling down my cheek as I ran back to Harry 

   "Love what's wrong" Harry says rubbing my back and taking his beanie back

"She lied to Him and he believes her"

 "Well it isn't his fault cause he doesn't even know what's going on so don't be upset over that" Harry calmly says rubbing her back