Chapter 1

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Have you ever feel like you're working very hard for something you know needs your 100%?
Well, I do. And let me tell you, anything of that work was looking to be made for love or in its name. But... all of it helped love to get into my life without noticing it.
For me, since the very beginning, that work was like an autiomatic action which leaded me to everything I wanted, through a path of discipline, order, respect and certainly... the less human heat attachment bonds possible.
Do not misunderstand me, of corse I'm human and I need of human bonds, like everyone else. It's just that... lets say I'm able to be a cold person when I want to and a perfectly sociable one if I decide it too.
All I do besides this attitude is being concious of not harming people with my actions or words. In which case, I give thanks for having a cold mind, you know the "think twice stuff" .
But somehow, love had found its way through my complicated being and suddenly all I did helped that small part of thing in my life where feelings are kept and where love lives.
I believe those were the happiest days of my life and I'm sure I would give anything in return to have that kind of life again, but thats another story.

Now you know a bit about me, so... let me tell you how it was the first time I saw her. The day I knew something in my life would change.

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