one direction vampire imagine: Liam

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You were just walking home from your friends house one day. it was pretty dark so you decided to walk through an old abandon amusement park for a shortcut. You were looking at all the old rides and thought it wouldn't hurt to just explore for a few minutes...You then stop in front of the haunted house and wonder if anything is inside still so you walk in and the smell of mold and age hit your nostrils. You keep walking till you reach the "vampires lair" as the room is titled. When you walk inside you take in a sharp breath because it looks more like a torcher chamber rather than a lair. You start looking at all the aged equipment when you got an uncomfortable feeling of not being alone. When you feel like you've seen enough you turn to leave but bump into a boy around you age with a small brown quiff and the deepest chocolate brown eyes you've ever seen. You had to take a minute to admire his appearance when you looked up he was smirking at you. You were backing up but every time you moved back he moved forward which scared the hell out of you! You turned and ran away only to bump into him at the door. He spoke to you in a deep voice saying "So tell me beautiful why have you come to my lair exactly?" You were shocked at first but then realized...if this was his lair...then he must be a vampire! You screamed in horror but he covered your mouth and pushed you against a wall "I said why are you here?" he asked a bit impatiently "I-I was just taking a short cut through the amusement park and thought it wouldn't hurt to explore for a minute or so..." you replied barely above a whisper. "Since you are in MY lair you are now MY property!" you gasped as he kissed you forcefully and you couldn't help but kiss back eagerly . "I'm liam what's your name love?" "Um...I'm Y/N" "beautiful know maybe I won't drink your blood right away...I will claim you as my mate and you will live with me forever!" he was saying all this as he kissed you passionately and forced his tongue in your mouth you moaned into the kiss and could feel his smirk growing he then stripped you and himself and laid you on one of concrete slabs and he moved his lips down your neck and he gently grazed his teeth over the soft skin and pierced it unexpectedly you moaned out and surprisingly felt no pain just unbelievable pleasure. He pulled back after a few minutes and bit his wrist and held it up to your mouth and waited for you to drink it which you did then you felt different you felt like you were about to explode but then you felt your teeth turn to fangs and your eyes burned and you knew they were red like his. He then made passionate love to you for hours. when you got up you went to a cob webbed mirror and saw yourself. you eyes were red like you thought and you had grown were frightened by you aperance till liam then came up behind you and wrapped his arms around you he whispered to you quietly and lovingly saying "we mated...together forever my dear...together forever..."

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