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After arriving at the dorm, they have schedule the next day and that is to learn how to bake. Obviously the excited one is Daehyun, since it’s baking. The next day, they arrived at the baking class early. Daehyun looks overly excited.

Zelo: Hyung, calm down. We’re learning how to bake a cake. If you don’t calm down, you might make mistakes.

Jongup: What kind of mistakes Junhong?

Zelo: Mistaking Youngjae hyung’s squishy cheeks for the fluffy dough?

Youngjae: Yah! I am not squishy and I am not fluffy. /pouts/

Daehyun: There is still that concrete proof that you’re still squishy and fluffy Jae-ah.

Youngjae: /pouts/

Yongguk: Since when are my dongsaengs fond of pouting every so often? They must have learn from you Himchan-ah.

Himchan: Isn’t that good Yongguk-ah?

Yongguk: No it’s not.

Himchan: /pouts/

Yongguk: Not you too! You guys are impossible!

Mrs Lee (Baking teacher): Alright guys. Please take your seats. We’re going to start the class soon. You guys are lucky this class is only for you or else my students would not be able to bake. Haha. Any particular person who is fond of baking?

B.A.P except Daehyun points to Daehyun while Daehyun points to himself.

Mrs Lee: Ahhh~ We will be learning how to bake… cheesecake! Oreo cheesecake!

Daehyun: /squealing like a fangirl/ Yay!

Jongup: Are you sure you’re a guy Daehyun hyung?

Daehyun: What are you trying to say Moon Jongup?

Youngjae: I’m siding with Uppie. You just squealed like a girl Dae.

Daehyun: All of you hate me.

Mrs Lee: Alright class! Let’s start now!

The baking class is 3 hours long and they had already passed 1.5 hours of the class but none of them seems to be taking a rest. They’re interested in learning how to bake the cheesecakes and most importantly, eat it.

Daehyun: Youngjae, there’s flour on your cheeks.

Youngjae: Shut up Daehyun.

Daehyun: No really. I’m not kidding. I’m already done with the dough, why would I want to mistake your fluffy cheeks for the dough?

Youngjae: Either that or you want to make my face dirty.

Daehyun: Come on Youngjae. Zelo ah! Tell your hyung there’s flour on his cheeks.

Being the innocent maknae, Zelo just looks lost and couldn’t side with Daehyun.

Zelo: What flour hyung? He’s face is clean. Only his hands are dirty with the flour.

B.A.P except for Daehyun and Zelo: /laughs/

Daehyun: Aish you maknae! I’m soooo going to bake you as well.

Jongup: /skip over to Zelo and bear hug him/ Don’t bake Junhong! Who’s going to practice dance moves with me if you bake him?

Himchan: /runs over to Zelo and bear hug him/ Don’t bake my son! Whose cheeks am I going to pinch if you bake him?

Yongguk: /runs over to Zelo and bear hug him/ Don’t bake my robot! Who will be rapping with me if you bake him?