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"[Name]....why are you looking at me l-like that?" Armin said as he took his attention from the book he was reading to look at you, a soft blush covering his cheeks as you squinted your (e/c) eyes to look more closely at his lips. They were unrealistically soft and a light rosy pink, plump and juicy. Pouting, you removed your head from his chest and scooted closer to reach his face, cupping it with your hands to get a better look at those taunting, soft lips of his.

"[N-Name]...! What are y-you d-doing?"

"It's not fair."


Leaning down, you kissed him softly, a light gasp from the shy blonde tickling you lips as they stretched into a smirk. He was too adorable sometimes, too much for his own good. You heard his book hit the floor and felt his arms wrap around your waist, pulling you on top of him on the couch as your fingers softly played with his golden hair. Oh, those lips of his - so soft and absolutely divine. The way they would capture your own in a moment of pure bliss that would soon send you to a never-ending dream you never wanted to wake up from.

He had this unique taste that lingered every time you would pull apart from each other, leaving you to crave more from those teasing, pink lips. They were so perfectly molded that you grew envious of them, causing you to feel insecure about your own. Pulling part from his lips you pouted again, running your thumb lightly against his bottom lip, his blush deepening.
Humming lightly to yourself, you tipped his head towards the light that shone through the small apartment window to better examine his lips.

Nothing. Not a single crack or maltreatment on them, just pink flesh running smoothly across his face. They looked like they've never been touched by another human being even though you've kissed millions of times before, including now. The sun's light seemed to bounce of them at just the right angle, making them stand out to a coral pink color with a texture softer than the finest silk. Any woman would love to have Armin's lips, or at least want to feel just how soft and delicate they are. Just the thought of some other girl having to kiss these lips from heaven made your blood boil and your skin crawl.


Snapping out of your thoughtful trance, you looked at your shy boyfriend and asked for the hundredth time since the two of you have been together.

"Why are your lips so soft?"

Blinking surprisingly, Armin let out the cutest laugh you've ever heard, your heart fluttering against your rib cage.

Giving you the sweetest smile, he said, "Y-yours are pretty soft too."

Bringing your fingers to your mouth, you softly ran them across your lips only to feel disappointed. They were cracked and felt rough against your fingers. Pieces of skin missing from your constant chewing whenever something nerve-racking happened or just simply concentrating in daily work. They weren't a soft coral pink like his were, just a regular dull color of pink like any other person. A distasteful frown made it to your face, causing Armin to sit up straight while worry bubbled in his cerulean eyes.

"No they're not..." you said, your voice low enough to become a whisper.

He cupped your face, rubbing his thumbs in a comforting way across your cheeks. Smiling again, he reached up to kiss your forehead and then your lips, that unique taste making them buzz in ecstasy.

"You must have a secret. Some sort of way of keeping them so...soft."

"Well, not really."

"Please tell me! I want soft lips too!" you attempted to give him a puppy face, in which Armin melted in the inside by how cute you were. Being the smart boy that he is, his mind ticked away and created devious plan that would benefit both of you; if he doesn't back out at the last minute.

He leaned in closer, just a few inches apart as he whispered lightly.

"I don't have a secret, but I can tell you one way you can make them as soft as mine."

Satisfied by his answer, you nodded furiously.

"...All right, but you have to promise not to tell anyone."

"I promise," you whispered back, smiling with so much enthusiasm that it made Armin laugh again.

He leaned over to your ear, his warm breathe making you shudder. He grew nervous by the second, thinking that this was a bad idea to begin but it was too late to back down now, especially when you expected an answer. He didn't want to let you down, so without another word, he whispered gently into your ear, his voice shaking slightly by how close you two were.

"M-Maybe if you kiss m-me more, they'll become s-softer on their own.~"

A blush made its way to your face as a small smile adorned your lips. Laughing quietly, you pulled back to see his face, which was burning up in embarrassment as he avoided your eyes. Wrapping your arms around his neck, you whispered against his lips.

"All right then, challenge accepted."

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