Miku Hatsune's long tealish piggytails reached to the end of her bed. 'RING!RING!RING!' The alarm rang. Though Miku did not wake up. She stayed asleep while Rin and Len Kagamine waited outside for her.

"We are going to be late for our first day of Vocaloid High..sigh.." Rin and Len said. They sagged their heads in dissapointment.

Meanwhile, after 10 minutes, Miku awoken. "Yawn..." Miku yawned. She got out of bed and got ready in her regular school clothes. Of course with hints of blue. Miku ran outside to meet with Rin and Len. "Finally!" Len said. "How long did it take you to get ready? God, we were waiting for half an hour here and we might have to go recharge AGAIN!" Rin yelled. "I'm sorry Rin and Len, I overslept.." Miku sadly said. "It's okay, Rin always gets worked up so don't worry." Len said. "HEY!" Rin screamed. "Hehe, let's go.." Len chuckled.

10 minutes later, the three Vocaloids finally arrived at Vocaloid High. "Wow! This place looks like a castle!" Miku said surprised. "Welcome to Vocaloid High! You must be Rin and Len Kagamine!" Luka Megurine said. Rin and Len waved. "Hi." Rin said. "Hello, this is our friend Miku Hatsune. She has just been created." Len introduced. Luka knew who Miku was anyway. "Oh yes, Hatsune Miku. Miku, Rin, and Len follow me for your schedules." Luka said. Luka showed the three to the head office where they got their schedules.


Rin, Miku, and Len walked in the hallways together. "YES! YOU SMELL THAT? ITS THE SMELL OF HIGH SCHOOL BABY!" Rin shouted proudly. "Um Rin? Can you stop saying that please?" Len asked. Rin shoved Len's arm playfully. "Your just sad cuz you don't have the same class with Miku." Rin shouted out. MOMENT OF SILENCE... Len bows his head down.

CONTINUES IN PART 2! im so sorry i stopped but i decided to make it a Part 1 Part 2 thing cuz i wanted to stop but i wanted u guys to read it so far thats y lol. so there will be a part 2 but not soon. thx! bye!

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