Show Me A Good Time

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I was still pissed off about making him leave, but even though it's been five hours i still couldn't get over myself, out of those five hours i stayed in my room. But my real question was why did he even kiss me? I mean i don't even know him, all i knew was that he was a celebrity that was 23 going on 24, very rich, handsome, and probably the player type. To clear my mind i decided to clean up the rest of the house and unpack the rest of my stuff. As i was cleaning i saw him looking at me from the corner of my eye, i didn't want to make eye contact with him because it would be awkward. He tapped on the window but i just ignored him, i knew he was getting angry because he would clench his jaw and tap even harder, but i continued to ignore him. After five minutes of tapping he finally gave up, i felt bad for ignoring him, but i really didn't want to want to be bothred with him. since cleaning wasn't helping i decided to work a few hours at the bar. I mainly worked at the bar when i was bored, or needed to clear my mind, and right now i needed to clear my mind. I grabbed my hair tie and put it on my wrist, I then grabbed my black combat boots and put them on, Then i grabbed my keys and left. I left my phone at home because i would just be distracted at the bar. I decided to walk instead of driving just to have more time to think. By the time i got there it was around 10:40 and it was packed as usual. I went into Bruce office to let him know i would be here for only three hours, he nodded an continued what he was doing.

Chris P.O.V.

I tried to get her attention when she was cleaning up but she just ignored me. The reason why i kissed her was because it felt like it was the right thing to do, i mean if it wasn't then i wouldn't have did it. I didn't want to stay in the house all day so i headed over to the bar. When i arrived there it was packed as hell. i went up to the bar tender to order a drink but her back was turned. She was really pretty even though all i could see was her back. Her hair was in a ponytail and she had on a black tank top and black shorts just like Victoria. i thought to myslef for a minute 'could that be her?' Nah she's probably still at home cleaning." Sorry about the wait how can i help you" the girl said turning around with a smile on her face, which soon changed to a frown. "Victoria" i said in shock. "Yea" she said in a soft whisper holding her head down. "I figured that was you, but i want to aplo-" "It's okay Chris you don't have to apologize anymore, i forgive you" she said in a small whisper still holding her head down.

Victoria P.O.V.

He said he wanted to take me somewhere. i honestly didn't want to go, but he begged so i left with him. *Car ride*. I took my hair out of the ponytail. "Where you taking me?" i questioned " To the beach" he said calmly "The beach" i said pointing out the window. He didnt answer me he just smirked at me. When we got there i saw people by a fire and i herd music playing and drinks being passed around and food on the grill. i got out the car and we walked and walked beside him. I was making my way to a seat when he grabbed my hand "I don't think so" he said pulling me close to him "What?" i said in confused "Come on we're bouta dance" as soo as he said that the song "Adorn" came on i gasp " Yes, yes we are" i said He came behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and i swayed my hips. 'These lips can't wait to taste your skin" he burried his face in the crook of my neck, that was such a turn on. "These eyes i can't wait to see your grin" he face me towards him and wrapped my hands arounds his neck."Jusssstt lett my love, just let my love adorn you" he put his forehead to mine. As the chours came he picked me up bridel style can ran with me in the water. "Put me down" i said laughing he spun me around splashing water everywhere. ''Baby these fist, will always protect ya" he let me down gently. "This mind oooo will never neglect you, eh babe ooooo" As the chours came back around i walked out of water and grabbed me two drinks. One for me and the other was for me also, i wanted to drink alot but not to much to the point where i was wasted. I got four more drinks and dranked them i was kind of buzzed. "Victoria" i heard someone call my name. I tried to get up and see who it was but i end up falling in the sand, chris ran over to me "Victoria are you okay?" i began to laugh.

Chris P.O.V

I called Victoria name to come take a picture with me, she tried to get up but end up falling. I ran by her side. "Victoria are you okay?" i asked concerned. She looked at me and laughed. I helped her up and rapped my arm around her waist to keep her standing up. "Oooo look Chris their taking pictures" she said pulling me to the camera people."Wait slow down" i said running behind her. "Are you guys ready" the lady asked I nodded, i put my arm around her waist smiling and she stood on her tipy toes and kissed me on the cheek. i was kinda surprised. "Take another" she said eagerly she jumped in my arms wrapping her legs around my waist and putting her cheek on mine. Her face was so close that i could feel her dimple on mine. After the picture i decided that it was time to take her home, she had too much fun in one day. But before we left she grabbed another drink and swallowed it whole. I knew she was drunk after that because on the car ride home she wouldn't stop singing, it was pretty funny. I pulled in her drive way and helped her out the car, i helped her up the steps. "Where are your keys?" i asked her she shrugged her shoulders and slumped her head. When she did that i heard her keys. I wouldn't have mind getting them if she was sober, because they we're in her bra. "Victoria hand me your keys. She shook her head no. "Please" she smile at me and reached for her keys. She pulled them half way out then came closer to me "You have to get the rest" she said seductively. I wanted to put my hand in her bra so bad, but i grabbed the key that was already out and pulled so that the rest fell. I opened the door and and carried her up the stairs. I layed her on the bed and took off her boots, then i un-button her shorts and pulled them off. "Take off my shirt.....please" she said raising her arms up. I pulled off her shirt and saw a tattoo on her side it said "R.I.P Marcus 10.26.01- 6.15.08. in cursive. She was laying on the bed with her pink lace bra and her sky blue lace panties. I laughed at how she didn't match, i lifted up her body and put her under the covers. I kissed her on her forehead "Goodnight" i said walking away. "Wait..... no stay with me tonight" 'But Victoria I nee-" "Please" she said with the cutest sad face. "Okay" i said kicking off my shoes "YAY!" she said patting the empty space next to her. i crawled into bed with her, i scooted close to her, then she scooted closer to me, i scooted a little more closer to her till there was no more room to scoot. She was facing me. "Go to sleep" i said wrapping my arms around her. "Okay" she said quietly laying her head on my chest.

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