Chapter 16

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"Can I, my Anya ? " I heard his voice, his warm breath fanning over my face, I can feel his heated gaze on my face

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"Can I, my Anya ? " I heard his voice, his warm breath fanning over my face, I can feel his heated gaze on my face. I looked up into his eyes and nodded a little indicating my answer as yes

As soon as I nodded, his eyes sparkled with joy and his face drew closer to mine.

"Catch me if you can" I said and he was caught off guard, his eyes widening in surprise as I suddenly slipped out of his grasp and darted away, my laughter echoing through the room.

He chuckled, his footsteps light as he gave chase. I weaved through the furniture, my heart racing with excitement, my soul alive with the thrill of the game.

Finally, I ducked behind a couch, holding my breath as he rounded the corner, his eyes scanning the room for a glimpse of me. Our eyes met, and I couldn't help but giggle at the playful frustration in his expression.

"You can't catch me! " I taunted, my voice barely above a whisper. And with that, I took off again, leading him on a merry chase through the first floor, our laughter and playful shouts filling the air.

I decided to run downstairs as he couldn't do anything in front of Kanishka but he caught up with me at the stairs, swept me up in his arms.

"No running now or else you're going to get punished "
He said and carried me back into the room, determined to finally catch his breathless prey! The thrill of the chase, the excitement of being caught, it's all so deliciously romantic!

As he is holding me close, I can see his eyes burning with desire, I can feel the tension between us building, the anticipation of what's to come. It's like the whole world has narrowed down to just the two of you, lost in this sweet, sweet moment.

He opened the door with a slight push and then, he kicked the door shut behind us, the sound echoing through the room like a promise of what was to come. His eyes burned with a fierce intensity. I felt a thrill of excitement mixed with a hint of nervousness, my heart racing in anticipation.

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