Chapter 15

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Author's POV:

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Author's POV:

In India: 7:30 Am

"Good morning, Mom you wanted to talk about something?" Anika greeted her mother with a pleasant smile and asked while joining her family on the breakfast table

She was greeted by two familiar faces there too, they are Mr & rs Agnihotri

She greeted Mr & Mrs Agnihotri

"Let's talk about it after breakfast okay " Her mother replied while passing her the bowl of fruit salad

"How are you beta? It's been a long time since we have met " Mrs Agnihotri asked her

"I'm good aunty, how're you both? " Anika asked Mr & Mrs Agnihotri

" We're good beta, how is work going on? " Mrs Agnihotri replied and Mr Agnihotri asked her

" It's going on great, how is your work going? " Anika asked

" It's going on well beta " He replied

" She has grown up a lot, now she is even more beautiful and brilliant "
Mrs Agnihotri complemented her

" Where is your first daughter, Additri currently? " Mrs Agnihotri asked Anika's father

" She is working on a case right now " Anika's father replied

" She is always working on a case, when she is not it's rare " Anika's mother said while getting a little sad as they don't get much time to spend with her

" She is on a national duty mom, we should be proud of her always "
Anika said trying to cheer her mother up

On the other hand her father gave her a side hug

" I will scold her a lot, when she comes home this time " Her mother said

" Yes mom very good, you never used to scold her huh " Anika said dramatically trying to light up the mood of everyone

" Before her you need a scolding too, you're getting busy day by day too now " Her mother said twisting her ear lightly

" Mommmmm " She let out a silly, exaggerated whine, like a kid denied a treat, and all the people sitting on the breakfast table burst out laughing at the comical display. Her mom's playful teasing had triggered a mock-tantrum, and everyone enjoyed the lighthearted moment of family fun

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