Chapter 13

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As the alarm blared to life in @mention a userRiddhi's room,

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As the alarm blared to life in @mention a userRiddhi's room,

She groaned and slapped the snooze button, burying her face in the pillow. But the persistent ringing refused to let her escape, and she finally surrendered, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

"Who decided to wake up early in the morning and go to college? We can have classes in the evening too" She mumbled in a sleepy voice

She sat up, her messy brown hair sticking up in every direction, and yawned, revealing a hint of morning breath.

Her gaze fell on the clock, and she winced - 7:30 AM. She had to get moving if she wanted to make it to her 8:00 AM psychology lecture on time.

She sat up on the bed and then she shuffled to the bathroom, her eyes half-closed, and began her morning routine - brushing her teeth, washing her face, and attempting to tame her unruly locks.

As she dressed in a hurry, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror - a sleepy, slightly disheveled version of herself stared back. She smiled wryly, knowing that a large coffee and a few minutes of fresh air would soon revive her.

With a deep breath, Riddhi grabbed her backpack and headed out into the crisp morning air, ready to face another day of classes, assignments, and college life."

"It's boring at home without bhaiya and bhabhi even Kabir bhai goes to the office early as Rudra bhai is not here"
She said to herself while exiting the Rajput Mansion

"Good morning uncle, please college drop krdo jaldi se"
She said not caring enough to look up for knowing who it was, She thought it was their driver
(Good morning uncle, please drop me off at the college quickly)

"Of course madam sit inside the car quickly then" She heard a deep manly voice it was definitely not their driver's

"Tum?" She looked up and saw a familiar man standing there holding the car's door for her

"Yes me, now sit inside the car I'll drop you off" He said, Aransh Malhotra standing there in all his glory

She smiled internally and sat inside the car, he closed the door and walked across the other door and sat on the driver's seat

"Put on your seat belt Riddhi" He said

She put on my seat belt and kept her bag in the backseat

"Ap yaha kaise? Your office is completely opposite to my college"
(you here, how?)
She asked him

"Rudra asked me to drop you off as you've the habit of getting late and your drivers are on leave today" He said starting the car towards my college

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